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The fastest crypto transactions in the world.
Store, track, send & receive cryptocurrency on the go

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Pair your digital assets with a virtual card in the Crypterium App,
and pay with them at over 40 million terminals across the globe

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Bank Transfers

Send money directly to any bank account.
Pay bills with crypto. No more exchange hassle. Best rates, lowest fees

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Crypto Shopping

Top up mobile with Bitcoin, buy Skype, Viber or Steam vouchers.
There're so many ways of spending crypto in everyday life

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Crypto Loans
Coming soon

Don’t sell your crypto and lose the upside potential.
Use it as a collateral to easily get loans in the Crypterium App

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Investment Tools
Coming soon

Discover, follow and automatically copy top performing investors
around the globe. Become an expert by copying other experts

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App Store rating is 4.8


The support of all the major payment networks around the world, the best exchange rate and an only 0.5% fee that will also increase the valu...


Buying crypto from the app, instant exchange of different cryptos within the app and NFC payments - all within one app!


I really hope to see Crypterium add ALL those features very soon. Those combined would really revolutionize the way we pay and interact with...

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