Our wallet allows you to exchange your digital holdings for fiat or other cryptos, without worrying that you overpay for mediation. Crypterium integrates with the world’s TOP 10 cryptocurrency exchanges to let you pick the best rate for your transaction

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supported coins

The wallet supports 19 of the most popular cryptocurrencies, and new coins are added on the regular basis to meet the demand. Coins like BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH,DASH, QASH, ZRX, REP, OMG, DAI

CRPT+ 34%


1256.68 CRPT
$ 376.8
XRP+ 4%


1256.68 XRP
$ 376.8
BTC+ 34%


3.0827 BTC
$ 25 374.5
ETH+ 4%


12.082 ETH
$ 1 972.58
LTC+ 1.4%


46.08 LTC
$ 2 674.578
USDC+ 0%

USD Coin

46.08 USDC
$ 46.01
MKR+ 1%


3.3 MKR
$ 1 358.3
200+ exchange pairs for 19 coins

200+ exchange pairs for 19 coins

The Crypterium wallet is equipped with a proprietary bid-ask matching engine, powered by Artificial Intelligence. The system unceasingly monitors exchange rates for 200 crypto pairs

affordable rates with small fees

affordable rates with small fees

Along with offering moderate rates on cryptocurrencies, Crypterium charges small commissions on transactions with electronic funds. Purchase crypto, cash it out to your bank card, top-up your mobile phone – no matter how you use your digital holdings

price predictions for trading

The wallet comes with daily AI-powered price predictions for over 140 coins. You can effortlessly identify lucrative investment opportunities and trade with an accuracy rate close to 95%.

The price prediction feature presents a sophisticated engine that captures, analyses, and processes market data by over 100 metrics from the most reputable crypto exchanges, giving you a clear, intuitive forecast on the asset of your interest.

You can instantly identify the top performers among cryptocurrencies, explore their price history, and take appropriate measures directly from the Crypterium mobile wallet. All with instant trade execution and the best exchange rates in the industry.

Already bought some tokens and looking for effective ways to safeguard them? Look no further. Crypterium’s got you covered. Your wallet’s content is insured by BitGo, our strategic partner and the most secure custody solution in the cryptocurrency environment.

Don’t want to merely hold your tokens until the next price surge? Make your digital finances work for you right now! You can set up a crypto savings account directly from the wallet and earn a 15.6% APR on your electronic funds. With Crypterium, you can turn your virtual tokens into a powerful investment vehicle and spend gains with the same ease as cash

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