Use your funds to pay for everyday services and goods

Top up your phone in over 100 countries

Digital assets are no different from traditional money. Now you can use it to replenish your mobile phone balance in over 100 countries. No matter where you are the top-up will be credited instantly.

Top up your phone in over 100 countries

Get Skype, Viber and Steam vouchers

Need to refill your messaging app account? Or maybe you want to expand your gaming library? Сrypterium lets you refill Skype, Viber and Steam credits in under a minute.

This is just the start and many more are on the way.


App Store rating is 4.8
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Product review@Vehna

Steam vouchers work like a charm and are actually very nice for me personally since I'm a long line gamer.

Product review@Chun

I often need to purchase Skype credit, being able to use bitcoin to pay for it is a great alternative, I will try it, great job

Product review@Ambrose IMADONMWYNYI

Yeah! It went through just in 5sec. 1st topup achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which mobile operators are supported? In which countries?

We support top ups to prepaid SIM cards from over 500 operators in 150 countries. The list of operators we support includes such well-known companies as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile, Tracfone, Net10, Cricket, Lyca Mobile, Metro PCS, Ultra Mobile, Safelink, Black Wireless, Claro, Dollar Phone, Expo Mobile, Go Smart, Pure Minutes, ROK Mobile, Simple Mobile, SIN and XFinity.

What if I'm roaming?

It doesn't matter which country you are in, the amount will be credited instantly anyway.

Does this feature work with post-paid?

In most cases it doesn't, only with prepaid. But if you type in your number and it says that it's supported you can try. If there is an error we will quickly refund your payment.

Are there limits on how much I can send?

There are limits of around 100 USD or equivalent per number per day. If you go higher than that you could get transaction errors. If there are transaction errors we quickly refund your bitcoin back to you.

How do I refill my Skype/Steam/Viber credits?

The process includes three simple steps. Purchase a voucher with BTC through our app, go to your Skype/Viber/Steam account, paste your voucher code and refill your account! Yes, it is that simple!

Can vouchers go out of date?

No, unless the service closed down. Neither Steam nor Skype/Viber vouchers have expiration periods. Either one of them can be redeemed and used at any time.

What fees are applied for top ups?

There will be a standard fee of 0.5% CRPT applied in order to fuel the transaction.

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