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The most advanced payment solution

Crypterium allows you to expand your payment options with the tools and currencies YOU choose. With the Crypterium App, you can spend your digital currencies at 42 million terminals across the globe, as well as at any online shops

Go virtual

Crypterium will let you get a virtual card, bind it to your account, and link it to Apple Pay or Android Pay. With a tap of your phone you will be able to enjoy convenient checkouts for your everyday purchases.

Stay classic

The world is moving digital, but not everything moves as fast as us. You will still be able to get a Crypterium plastic card for use at ATMs or at retailers that do not support tap and pay technology.

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With NFC, I only need a few dollar cash while travelling around the world... I can always make a payment using a stable coin that resides in the Crypterium wallet of my NFC-enabled phone.

@Stacy Jones

I love the idea of Virtual card, however living in rural US, I have spotty service in some stores. I want to have a physical card so I will be able to use Crypterium whenever and wherever I want.


The NFC as everyone here agreed is the holy grail. Everything will change after that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a card?

We will be rolling out our card solution step by step, region by region. Subscribe to our updates or register in our app to be the first to know when the card becomes accessible in your country.

How long will it take for a transaction to go through?

In this terms, your customer experience will be no different from paying with Visa or MasterCard bank cards. Your transaction will go through as soon as your card touches the terminal.

Does it matter what currency the merchant accepts?

Since you pay with digital assets, it doesn't. The app lets you shop with your e-currencies while merchants are still able to get USD, EUR or local currencies.

How do you ensure the best exchange rates?

Crypterium is building interactions with the best market makers in the world to ensure we have the best prices on the market available, better than those available via retail exchanges. The app will present the current fiat valuation of your account in real-time.

What if Apple Pay is not available in my country?

If Apple Pay, Android or Samsung Pay do not work in your country, you won't be able to pay with our app at contactless terminals via your phone. The list of regions where those services are not available is not that long though. If we take Apple as an example, we see that it fully covers almost every continent but South America. For those "blank" regions, Crypterium is offering QR-code solutions and physical bank cards. Just like traditional plastic cards, Crypterium cards will be compatible with any ATMs and Chip-and-PIN card terminals.

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