Zero Fees For CRPT Purchase

18 May 2021, 21:05

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Zero Fees For CRPT Purchase

Crypterium has removed all fees for CRPT purchase to give its users free access to the tokens with high potential for growth

Zero Fees For CRPT Purchase

The cryptocurrency market has made a long way in recent years, providing multiple channels for acquiring digital assets, but high purchase fees still prevent many people from becoming cryptocurrency holders. Crypterium has decided to lower entry barriers for its users and simplify access to digital assets.

Crypterium Wallet is one of the world’s leading digital applications and a fast-growing digital fintech solution that helps customers in 170+ countries manage their assets with ultimate ease. Cutting down purchase fees for CRPT is a decision that benefits people all over the world, allowing them to save on fees and better allocate their resources.

The implementation of the commission-free model for CRPT purchase is the first step to make the cryptocurrency world more accessible for everyone. Our solutions are designed to make cryptocurrency as easy to use as cash and help users from all over the world enjoy the benefits and freedom of blockchain-based currencies in a safe, transparent, and highly intuitive environment. 

Crypterium offers not only great convenience but also fair purchase conditions, while other popular platforms are charging up to 10% fees on any crypto purchases.

The full-service approach of Crypterium Wallet ensures that customers can easily exchange their CRPT holdings for other popular assets, such as BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and many others. Moreover, our users can also withdraw at any time to bank cards, open savings accounts, or even spend tokens using Crypterium Card VISA. 

Crypterium Equity Sale Overfunded By 332%

This innovative zero-fee feature arrives shortly after Crypterium ended a successful equity sale campaign on Seedrs, a leading UK-based fundraising platform. 

Crypterium has already raised over €3.3 million and reached a record valuation of €85 million following a 332% overfunding of the company’s equity shares. Dedicated to providing global access to cash, Crypterium is on the way to entering the new frontiers of Asia and South America. 

The equity funding campaign is meant to help the company speed up the process of building innovative financial solutions and support medium-term expansion plans of Crypterium Wallet across multiple target regions and boost user acquisition efforts. 

How to buy CRPT without fees

You can buy CRPT with a bank card in seconds. The Crypterium Wallet is one of the best services on the market as it allows you to do it in a seamless and secure way straight from your cryptocurrency wallet.

#1 — Launch Crypterium Wallet on your iOS or Android device

#2 — Click on “Top up” in the upper menu

#3 — Select “Buy crypto” from the options

#4 — Enter your card details, and pick CRPT

#5 — Input the amount your wish to purchase and click “Buy”

Congratulations! You are officially a CRPT Tokenholder. Now your diversified investment portfolio will grow along with the prosperity of Crypterium.


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Zero Fees For CRPT Purchase
Zero Fees For CRPT Purchase