Will CRPT token make x10 by 2022?

Will CRPT token make x10 by 2022?

CRPT has tremendous potential to reach $2 per token in the nearest future and re-enter the top-100 list on Coinmarketcap with up to 1000% ROI

Will CRPT token make x10 by 2022?

The cryptocurrency market capitalization has surpassed $2 trillion for the first time in history. In just over two months, the market has become as valuable as Apple, the second-largest company in the world, or the combined value of Google and Tesla.

Bitcoin still remains the powerhouse of the cryptocurrency, reaching a $1 trillion market cap alone over the last few months, whose value renewed its historical maximum in March, surpassing the $61,000 mark.

At the same time, the cryptocurrency market has attracted demand from both institutional and retail investors. Tesla and Square are among a handful of companies that have already purchased Bitcoin.

In addition to the increased inflow of retail investors, more institutional players have turned to the crypto market over the past several months, including financial heavyweights like Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank, as well as major payments providers. 

While fiat currency is still the dominant form of money, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that underpin them may very well represent the next step in the evolution of money. As history has proven, money and the systems that underpin it will continue to evolve.

CRPT price moves to 3-year high

CRPT, the native cryptocurrency of the world’s largest crypto bank Crypterium, has already tripled its price since the last six months, and the trading volume has skyrocketed 1288% on major exchanges within a day.

The price of CPRT has increased by more than 300% over the last months and could continue to soar amid a cryptocurrency boom that saw the total market value of all cryptocurrencies to $2 trillion.

Apart from the cryptocurrency market growth, Crypterium users will always ensure a constant demand for CRPT tokens, paying the minimum fee for the crypto-fiat transaction, which leads to a further price increase.

With each transaction in the Crypterium ecosystem, a small number of CRPT tokens are taken from the user’s account and burned, artificially reducing the asset’s supply and increasing the long-term supply-demand ratio.

We have already burned 1,031,692 CRPT and there are only 83,925,400 tokens left in the circulating supply, which is extremely beneficial for both CRPT holders and Crypterium alike to increase the token’s value. 

In 5 years, the CRPT circulating supply could be reduced by more than 10 times since it decreases much faster every month and will be 2 times less than Bitcoin’s. If you look at our competitors, Wirex token has a 3.8 billion circulation supply with the price 20 times lower.

The price of CRPT shows positive signs for buyers, accelerating the underlying bullish trend due to upcoming token listings on major crypto exchanges, CRPT integrations into top digital wallets, which will attract new users and increase trade volume. 

In the near future, CRPT tokenholders will have access to subscriptions, cashback, free cards and reduced tariffs, increasing tokens utility and leading to a constant spiking in demand. Moreover, the commission for the purchase of CRPT will be canceled.

Crypterium is disrupting the traditional financial system

Crypterium is building innovative financial solutions as the world is becoming more prepared to shift to crypto with every passing month. A merging of crypto and the fiat currency worlds is inevitable, and Crypterium aims to be the leader. 

Dedicated to providing global access to cash, Crypterium is on the way to entering the new frontiers of Asia and South America. The company is looking to issue its own cards with global coverage and international wire transfers.

Crypterium has launched private equity sales on the Seedrs platform, which was soon overfunded by 275%, The goal of the sale was to raise 1,000,007 euros, but it has already exceeded 2,237,013 euros from 1838 investors, and with 9 days left to go.

The company’s flagship product, Crypterium Wallet, is demonstrating sustainable growth. It has already doubled the number of users, totaling 400,000 people, and expanded the list of countries that it serves, raising that number above 170 nations.

Crypterium plans to further extend its new product portfolio by adding crypto acquiring and banking solutions. The company has already boosted its user acquisition by adding 25 active customers after signing more than 100 B2B clients.

Therefore, summing up the above review, we can conclude that CRPT has tremendous potential to reach $2 per token in the nearest future and re-enter the top-100 list on Coinmarketcap with up to 1000% ROI due to stable growth of Crypterium users and transactions turnover, listings on major crypto exchanges, continuous burning of tokens and their utility growth leading to a constant increase in demand.

Will CRPT token make x10 by 2022?
Will CRPT token make x10 by 2022?