building the MetaFi ecosystem to bridge the gap between CeFi and DeFi

building the MetaFi ecosystem to bridge the gap between CeFi and DeFi


15 January 2021, 15:01

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Crypterium Private Equity Sale On Seedrs is Live [Updated]

Become a shareholder in one the most exciting companies in the world’s most dynamic financial market. Join the Сrypterium’s community and be part of a global leader amongst сryptobanks

Crypterium Private Equity Sale On Seedrs is Live [Updated]

Crypterium has finally launched its private equity sale on Seedrs on March, 9. Private investors who pre-registered on the popular investment platform can now take advantage of this unique opportunity to revolutionize modern finance through blockchain-based services.

Over 7500 investors have expressed their interest and more than 21.000.000 EUR have been pledged on the pre-registration stage. After the start of the private equity sale, the initial goal of 1.000.000 EUR was reached in just 36 hours. Crypterium is about to hit the 200% overfunding target. And there’s still time to become a shareholder.

Why crowdfund?

To reach our full potential, we need to think and to some degree act like a bank. A merging of crypto and the fiat currency worlds is inevitable and we aim to be the leader; the company users turn to for all the crypto and fiat currency needs. 

Traditional and even challenger banks have too much to lose, too much to change. Only a cryptocurrency visionary can take this space. We will be this company, but it requires capital that current revenue streams can not support in such a compressed window of opportunity. Over the next 3 years, we anticipate that we may need to raise as much as $500m, but for now, we want to start a little smaller.

That is why we want our community to be the first to participate and become shareholders of Crypterium. 

Before Crypterium can think about raising $500m we need to have a capital platform that secures short-term goals, such as licenses in key markets (which require hard capital, not the funds raised through any historic ICO). These foundations will allow the investment funds to invest big, in estimates that may be many times higher than for the early adopters.

In 2020, Crypterium demonstrated sustainable growth. The number of the wallet’s users has doubled, totaling 400,000 people across 170 countries, showing 10x monthly profit growth and  €150.000.000 turnover.

Become a shareholder in one of the most exciting companies in the world’s most dynamic financial market. Join the Сrypterium’s community and be part of a global leader amongst сryptobanks.

Special conditions for CRPT Tokenholders

Our community and CRPT owners play a crucial role in shaping our future. We value their input and give a chance to join a large-scale crowdfunding sale under favorable terms.

For the community of Crypterium users 1.5 million CRPT is allocated to accrue cashback when investing in Crypterium through crowdinvesting. Tokens will be distributed in strict order of investment via the Seedrs platform. Once the total allocation of 1.5 million CRPT tokens is exhausted, no further tokens will be allocated.

Depending on the category, various benefits can be unlocked from getting free access to Crypterium’s proprietary price prediction tool to taking part in shareholder meetings or obtaining priority access to Beta testing. Other benefits include cashback on Crypterium Card purchases, higher interest rates, branded merch, and custom card design.

By registering on Seedrs anyone can buy Crypterium’s private equity. Future investors are offered six benefit packages that fit any budget starting from 100 EUR to over 50,000 EUR.

To participate in this fundraising activity, investors should sign up on and verify their profiles. Then they have to choose an investment package via Crypterium’s portal and submit their Seedrs registration data to receive a CRPT token bonus.

We have already attracted over 7500 investors and more than 21 million euro have been pledged — an unexpectedly high demand! You still have the opportunity to be among the shareholders of Crypterium ⏰

Join shareholders 

Crypterium in 2021

  • Reach €1 bln in transactions volume
  • Service more than 5 million customers
  • Obtain fiat currency licenses 
  • Global coverage for Crypterium Visa Cards, including the USA and China
  • Launch new investment products and traditional currency accounts
  • Crypterium services to be running in the background of at least 100 retails business Apps

Our vision is to be the biggest and best cryptobank in the world, with our services integrated on every smartphone worldwide

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