Key Points From Livestream With COO Austin Kimm (September 2021)

14 September 2021, 14:09

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Key Points From Livestream With COO Austin Kimm (September 2021)

Crypterium COO Austin Kimm held a livestream on September 7th to update our community on some recent happenings from Crypterium and give our users insight on what’s around the corner.

Key Points From Livestream With COO Austin Kimm (September 2021)

If you weren’t able to join the Livestream session, or you just want to take some notes, you can Re-watch it here! Or you can do it the easy way and read our key points.

Continued Growth

User registrations have been showing steady growth, and many of the new registrations are now coming from our B2B partnerships. This definitely demonstrates the value of these partnerships!

As for profitability to our user base, our statistics show that early Crypterium App users have a significant share of the company’s profits and that over time, users start to take advantage of the services and generate profit.  When users start to generate profit for the company, they tend to keep doing it in a consistent way monthly. If we manage to keep our users satisfied with the service, this tends to increase profits over time. Furthermore, the statistics show that the countries that generate the most profits for Crypterium are, in this order: the USA, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, Ukraine, Serbia, Spain, Italy, Canada, and Brazil.

As for transaction volume, growth was more than 10x in the last 12 months, although in the last 2 months it has been slightly stagnant. But this is probably following the lateralization of the BTC and the crypto market as a whole.


Projects for the coming months aim to give more visibility to the company:

  • What to expect soon? For web users, look for wallet integration with the browser search bar. We are also excited about a partnership with a company that manufactures ATMs, which will integrate Crypterium for performing transactions in thousands of ATMs!!!
  • The team is listening to users about the small number of exchanges and liquidity, so we have listed on India’s Bitbns exchange: As for major exchange listings, right now there is no availability to pay millions of dollars for a listing. Maybe when the token is worth 10 dollars, for example, this could be considered.
  • Token Value: An effort to value the token was started last month and will be intensified in the coming months.  The important thing is that we break the downtrend.
  • Crowdfunding at SEEDRs was a long process and we had some unforeseen obstacles, but the process has finally been finalized.  The campaign was considered a success, as these platforms generally raise 500 to 600 thousand euros. The Crypterium campaign exceeded 3 million! It is estimated that we are among the 5 largest historical collections on the platform.
  • UK registration process: Historically the UK has made it difficult for cryptocurrency companies to enter, they have created a very complex and bureaucratic registration process where over 200 companies have registered and only 10 have obtained licenses in the last 2 years.  We obtained a temporary license in 2021, but after a few months it was deactivated due to bureaucratic issues unrelated to the company’s viability, so we continued with the registration process but this has not negatively affected Crypterium’s operations whatsoever.

We’re Listening…..

The Crypterium team has been listening to your community and their ideas! So here are the ideas the team is very interested in, in regards to possible future implementation.

  • Bonus on staking interest from other currencies for those who staking CRPT
  • Website improvements
  • Rewards depending on the amount of CRPT held in the App
  • More exchange listings
  • Cryptocurrency investment funds

As for our the company’s to-do list for the end of this year:

  • Add new coins/tokens
  • Reduce bureaucracy for KYC verification processes
  • Add a MAX button for card refills
  • Direct debit to VISA Crypterium Card instead of charging (prepaid)

Some ideas to be considered:

  • QR code payments
  • Personalization of notifications in the App
  • Card customization
  • Reduction of token burning, using the remaining amount for promotions and bonuses
  • Ledger support

Crypterium continues to innovate new ways, to provide all of your digital asset banking needs. All in one place, right at your fingertips.

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Key Points From Livestream With COO Austin Kimm (September 2021)
Key Points From Livestream With COO Austin Kimm (September 2021)