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building the MetaFi ecosystem to bridge the gap between CeFi and DeFi

How do crypto predictions work? Leveraging top crypto predictions

01 March 2021, 20:03

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How do crypto predictions work? Leveraging top crypto predictions

With the best crypto prediction tool, you always feel the pulse of the market and are armed with information to make the right trading decisions. Learn about the top crypto prediction solution to invest in crypto wisely.

How do crypto predictions work? Leveraging top crypto predictions

Leveraging crypto predictions for seamless winnings

Laszlo Hanyecz is a notoriously known guy who paid 10,000 Bitcoins for two pizzas in 2010. Given the current BTC price, today, his crypto savings would amount to nearly $500 million. Insanely, unbelievably, fantastically big money that will be more than enough for several family generations to live extremely wealthy and happy.

Just a decade ago, one Bitcoin cost less than a penny, but who could know that its value will skyrocket to nearly $50,000 per coin in a matter of a few years? It is hardly possible to imagine the frustration of Laszlo, but if he had taken some time to learn about the perspectives of the emerging crypto market, he would not have hurried to waste his digital holdings in such an idle way.

When you know the crypto market will change and develop, you clearly understand what investment decision to make today. One successful trade can bring you millions of dollars in perspective, while a single ill-thought transaction may leave you in financial misery.

Surely, you can complete paid crypto trading courses, read tons of materials about crypto investing, and spend days or even months mastering the skill of reading the technical analysis to forecast the next price movement. But you do not earn while you learn. The best crypto predictions are already available in your smartphone to give you precise, relevant, extensive data to empower your investment choices and save you from devastating trading.

How do crypto predictions work?

Sophisticated crypto wallets like Crypterium come with all the functionality you need to buy, sell, exchange, store, and spend your virtual funds in both real and online worlds. Designed with your success in mind, Crypterium, above all else, also incorporates a nifty crypto prediction feature to let you quickly detect lucrative trading opportunities and avoid wrong investment decisions. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, this prediction tool provides price forecasts for hundreds of electronic coins with an accuracy of close to 100%.

Price predictions are generated by the Neural Network that is specifically trained to collect, analyze, and process huge market data. The AI module grabs and evaluates market data for over 1000 cryptocurrencies from the leading crypto exchanges. The volume of the data collected exceeds 200TB for the ultimate forecast precision.

Then the Neural Network analyzes and measures the obtained data deploying over 200 factors. Leveraging technical and fundamental signals, the system evaluates all the events that impact the coin’s price.

After that, the predictive self-training algorithm generates forecasts for every coin available on the Crypterium platform. This cutting-edge technology recognizes patterns, learns from the incoming market information, and sharpens its precision over time.

Crypterium wallet currently supports 150 cryptocurrencies, and for each of them, it is possible to know forecasts for days, months, and years. The powerful AI system provides intuitive predictions on each token and shows profit statistics, potential strength, and history of letting you identify both the best-performing assets and coins that are losing their market position.

Once you have detected a promising investment opportunity, you can trade directly from your Crypterium Wallet with instantaneous transaction execution and fair exchange rates offered by the world’s best exchange services like Binance, Kraken, and a dozen of others.

Crypterium crypto price prediction service offers three plans to select from:

  • The free plan offers you forecasts for 5 coins with historical data for the last 1 year.
  • Daily access to the best crypto predictions for $2.99 per day. You receive forecasts for over 150 coins with historical data for the past 1 year and around-the-clock customer support.
  • A monthly subscription at $60 per month provides crypto predictions for hundreds of coins with historical records for the previous 1 year and 24/7 customer support.

If you are just dabbling in crypto and are not very sure about your trading skills, the Crypterium app gives you all the tools and materials you require to learn crypto trading basics and polish your knowledge to perfection. An extensive selection of guides, tutorials, videos, and articles will help you figure out the abracadabra of crypto trading and start making the right investment decisions.

Smart decisions are made today to live happily tomorrow

Deutsche Bank published a very curious article called Imagine 2030. It states that in the nearest future, cryptocurrencies will replace traditional money as the price and acceptance of tokens will only be increasing, and certain coins will continue hitting all-time highs. Does this sound lucrative? Indeed. If you dream about becoming rich and financially independent, investing in crypto today may help you reach your tomorrow’s aspirations.

But can you tell a promising coin from a doomed one?

Most ordinary people cannot boast of excellent analytical abilities and a future-telling talent, but all people want to live affluently. Investing in the right project can guarantee a comfortable life for you and your family. With the top crypto predictions, you enjoy peace of mind that you will never miss a sure-fire opportunity.

To start investing and gaining, you only need to set up a digital wallet with a trusted and secure provider like Crypterium. A state-of-the-art solution, Crypterium is an all-in-one wallet to perform any action with your digitalized capital, from buying and storing, to exchanging and cashing out.

As befits an all-encompassing e-wallet, Crypterium is loaded with an AI-powered crypto prediction module that thoroughly evaluates hundreds of cryptocurrencies and provides highly accurate price forecasts in the short-term and long-term perspective. With Crypterium at your hand, you always know which asset is about to surge and which is better to be disposed of. This is how clever investment is done: buying and selling at the right time. This is how ordinary people make a fortune on crypto trading. 

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How do crypto predictions work? Leveraging top crypto predictions
How do crypto predictions work? Leveraging top crypto predictions