Enjoy Cyber Monday With Crypterium’s Super Lottery Offer

28 November 2021, 15:11

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Enjoy Cyber Monday With Crypterium’s Super Lottery Offer

We are ready to fuel the ongoing spending boom and announce the launch of Crypterium’s outstanding lottery.

Enjoy Cyber Monday With Crypterium’s Super Lottery Offer

Prolong the Black Friday aftertaste and make the most out of the sales season by supporting the Crypterium project.

All Crypterium users will get a chance to win a cash prize in CRPT equivalent to the price of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition!

Lottery terms

For every $100 you add to your CRPT wallet from 12 AM to 11.55 PM GMT on 29 November 2021, we give you a lottery ticket. As soon as you get one, you’ll be eligible for the cash prize. You can top up the balance with $100 at once or split the replenishment. 

Please note: The number of tickets you may get is not limited and depends on the amount of funds you spend on purchasing CRPT.

The lucky winner will be announced on December 1! The cash prize will be further credited to his or her CRPT wallet and may be spent for any purpose. 


Add new digital colours to your holiday routine

Historically, the Cyber Monday event has always been a great time to shop for tech, smart home, and gift cards with attractive discounts. The Crypterium’s 24 hours offer gives you this golden opportunity to both support the new tech vision represented by the latest Galaxy smartphones and benefit from going digital with crypto.

The cash lottery prize may be used to buy a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 or any other item from your Cyber Monday wishlist with a Crypterium Visa Card. Apply for a virtual version and shop conveniently in over 42 million physical and online retailers worldwide already in 20 minutes!

Even if the tech is not yours and you’re still in search of an extraordinary way to please yourself or your loved ones before the Christmas holidays, think about giving crypto as a present. With Crypterium’s Transfer Money feature, it’s possible to send digital currencies in seconds using just the recipient’s phone number instead of catching up with any sales or spending time shopping. 

If you haven’t tried it yet, all you need to do is download the Crypterium Wallet app or register on any browser and top up the account balance with your credit card choosing the digital asset you want to send as a gift. By the way, your first crypto purchase will be absolutely fee-free!

Moreover, Crypterium supports the mass adoption of virtual currencies by lowering the entry barriers. That’s why we’ve implemented the commission-free model for all CRPT purchases, which allows using Crypterium tokens as easy as cash! 

Make your Cyber Monday experience unforgettable with Crypterium!  

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Enjoy Cyber Monday With Crypterium’s Super Lottery Offer
Enjoy Cyber Monday With Crypterium’s Super Lottery Offer
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