Crypto Daily: Top 5 Portfolios Decline With Bitcoin

25 February 2021, 10:02

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Crypto Daily: Top 5 Portfolios Decline With Bitcoin

Today we continue to talk about our experiment with rebalancing a portfolio from the Top-5 cryptocurrencies. Last week, our coins’ value increased by 20% and surpassed the $50,000 mark for the first time.

Crypto Daily: Top 5 Portfolios Decline With Bitcoin

Let’s take a look at how the coins from our portfolio performed this week:

As you can see from the table, our portfolio volume declined to $46,000 or 8.8% over the week. Thus, the three-week uptrend was broken. As a reminder, over the past 3 weeks, our portfolio has grown by 67% from $30,000 to $50,000. Now we see a correction in our portfolio, which repeats the strong corrective movement in the market.

Absolutely all coins from our portfolio lost in value this week, but Bitcoin fell the least — by 3.38%. Last time, we predicted that Bitcoin would drop to $45,000, and our prediction was again correct. Over the past 7 days, the volatility of the Bitcoin chart has been very high. In yesterday’s article, we already analyzed what was happening on the market, you can see for yourself. In the next 7 days, we think that the chart will start to grow again and, possibly, will come in the $55,000 — $57,000 range.

CRPT also fell slightly — by 7.5%, and its chart showed a retest of the downtrend. We also anticipated this event last week, and it came true. Now we see the price-fixing in the range of $0.28 — $0.30. Most likely, this zone is a zone of accumulation in preparation for further growth. We expect to see the price rise to $0.35, and if it fixes above this mark, the growth may continue to the range of $0.40 — $0.45.

XRP lost almost 13% of its value in a week. But before that, its price managed to rise to $0.65, as we said last time. However, the further fall of the entire market affected this altcoin as well. The February 22nd hearing in the Ripple case did not significantly impact the price due to the market’s panic. The current picture on the chart does not add optimism. We think that in the coming days, XRP will fluctuate in the range of $0.45 — $0.50, and in the second half of the week, it may rise to $0.57 — $0.60.

Ethereum came in at No.4 this week, down 14.8%. However, before this drop, its price set the new ATH at $2,042. Thus, the price of ETH was able to hit an important psychological level before plummeting 32% to $1,355. Now its price has recovered slightly and is holding near $1,600. The most interesting thing is that we were able to predict this fall in our last weekly review. It is difficult to say in which direction Ethereum will move to refrain from predictions.

Litecoin fell the most this week, with its price dropping 21% to $180. We do not exclude that the fall may continue up to the range of $150 — $160. However, with a high probability, the chart may reverse and grow back to $180 and even $200.

Despite the strong decline in the entire crypto market, the structure of our portfolio has not changed. The shares of all cryptocurrencies are within the established framework, so we will not rebalance this time. The best choice in that situation is to hold your assets, deposit a part on a savings account and make extra profit.

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Crypto Daily: Top 5 Portfolios Decline With Bitcoin
Crypto Daily: Top 5 Portfolios Decline With Bitcoin