Crypto Daily: Top-5 Portfolio Set New ATH

18 March 2021, 13:03

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Crypto Daily: Top-5 Portfolio Set New ATH

Today we continue to talk about our experiment with rebalancing a portfolio from the Top-5 cryptocurrencies

Crypto Daily: Top-5 Portfolio Set New ATH

Last week, it showed growth and almost reached the $50,000 mark. Thus, the falling series was interrupted. Let’s see how the portfolio structure has changed over the past 7 days:

Our portfolio exceeded $52,000 for the first time this week. Over the week, its value has grown by 4.80%. This is almost identical to the market picture — Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have also shown gains over the past 7 days. Thus, our portfolio has grown by 520% ​​in 10 months.

The leader of growth this week was CRPT, the price of which increased by 6.27%. As we expected, its price briefly rose to $0.33 and then dropped down. At the same time, the chart is still in the ascending channel and is testing the resistance zone at $0.33. There is a high probability that this time buyers will be able to break through this level and then the CRPT price may rise from 20% to 40%.

Bitcoin is up 5.56% this time, however, over the past 7 days, the chart has set a new ATH at $61,844. Thus, our previous assumption turned out to be 100% correct. The price has broken through the last but one resistance level at $58,000 and is heading up. Most likely, in the coming days, we can see the assault on ATH. If Bitcoin manages to gain a foothold above $62,000, then the price will rise to the range of $70,000 — $72,000.

It was followed by XRP, which rose 4%. At the same time, a few days ago XRP briefly rose above $0.50, but could not gain a foothold above this level. XRP has already approached this level 3 times and constantly rolled back down. We think the chart will hit $0.50 again this week. There is also a high probability of seeing the $0.53 mark.

Litecoin rose slightly over the week — by 3.36%. An “equilateral triangle” has formed on the chart, within which the LTC price moves. It is difficult to say in which direction this coin will move. There is now a high uncertainty factor here and much indicates that a decline is slightly more likely. If the chart consolidates below $200, then we can expect a decline to $160.

The price of ETH rose the least in just 7 days — by 2.5%, although during the week the growth reached 10%. The chart could not hold near $1,950 and rolled back down. However, it looks pretty good here. The price has been near the support at $1,800 for 10 days and it looks like there is a set of positions by large players for further growth. In the coming week, Ethereum could easily rise all the way to $2,000 and even higher. There is a high probability that the chart will set a new ATH.

The structure of our portfolio has changed little, so this week we will not carry out rebalancing.

The past week was positive for the crypto market. This can be seen in our portfolio, in which all coins, without exception, showed positive growth dynamics. Most likely, this will continue in the next 7 days. Double your profit with our AI Price Predictions in the Crypterium Wallet.

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Crypto Daily: Top-5 Portfolio Set New ATH
Crypto Daily: Top-5 Portfolio Set New ATH