Crypto Daily: Top 5 Portfolio Grew at 11% and Close to Its High

11 March 2021, 11:03

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Crypto Daily: Top 5 Portfolio Grew at 11% and Close to Its High

Today we continue to talk about our experiment with rebalancing a portfolio from the Top-5 cryptocurrencies. Last time, its value fell by 8% and this was the second week in the row when the volume of our portfolio decreased.

Crypto Daily: Top 5 Portfolio Grew at 11% and Close to Its High

Let’s see if we managed to break this unfortunate streak this week:

As you can see from the table, our portfolio managed to break the two-week decline, and this time it grew by 11.12%. The portfolio volume again approached the $50,000 mark. Less than $1,000 is left before the all-time high. As we expected, this week the market turned around and starts a new round of growth. Let’s take a look at what to expect from the charts of the coins presented in our portfolio.

The growth leader this week was Ethereum. Its price increased by 15.23% and reached $1,800. At the same time yesterday, the chart grew to the level of $1,880. Our forecast, which we gave 7 days ago, was fully justified. In the next 7 days, we expect the price to drop to $1,650. At this level, it will be decided whether the price will go up. If buyers are able to maintain this level, then Ethereum will rise again, first to $1,900, and then to $2,000.

The second growth result for the week was shown by CRPT — its price increased by 13.53%. As we predicted, during the week the CRPT price climbed to $0.30 and the maximum for the week was $0.33. The chart has formed an ascending channel, within which the price moves. All indicators also indicate that the CRPT price will rise even more soon. We expect to see a rise to $0.33 next week. If the price consolidates at this level, the chart may rise up to $0.40.

Bitcoin also posted significant gains this week and is up 12.31%, nearing all-time highs. We were again correct in our expectations when last week we were told about the growth in the range of $55,000 — $57,000. We think that in the coming days, Bitcoin will break through $57,000 and set a new ATH. In this case, the minimum target to which the price of Bitcoin can grow will be $ 60,000.

Litecoin is up 6.53% over the week. Most likely, this growth will continue, and it can be very strong. The LTC chart is in an uptrend and has a clear uptrend. The nearest target, to which this coin can grow, will be the level of $240. Most likely, this is where a small stop will occur, after which a new round of growth can be expected.

XRP showed the weakest growth in our portfolio in 7 days — its price increased by only 3%. The chart is less straightforward than the rest of the coins. Now the price is at the support level and is testing an uptrend above the downside. If the price fixes below it on the daily timeframe, then a fall will be inevitable. However, the growth of the entire market may have an impact on XRP, the chart of which may turn around and rise to at least $0.50.

The portfolio structure has changed a lot. The shares of some coins have gone beyond the specified limits, so today we will carry out a new rebalancing. We will sell part of Bitcoin and CRPT, and with the released funds we will buy XRP, Ethereum and Litecoin.

The past week had a positive effect on the entire crypto market. Absolutely all coins from our portfolio increased in value, which indicates a clear upward trend. Most likely, a similar situation will continue next week. Add more crypto to your portfolio to get more profit


Crypto Daily: Top 5 Portfolio Grew at 11% and Close to Its High
Crypto Daily: Top 5 Portfolio Grew at 11% and Close to Its High