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18 February 2021, 11:02

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Crypto Daily: Top 5 Portfolio Gains 19% And Exceeds $50,000 For The First Time

Today we continue to talk about our experiment with rebalancing a portfolio from the Top-5 cryptocurrencies. In the last 2 weeks, our portfolio has grown at an incredible rate, and its value has increased by 40% during this time.

Crypto Daily: Top 5 Portfolio Gains 19% And Exceeds $50,000 For The First Time

Let’s see if the positive trend has been maintained this week:

The value of the portfolio has increased this time too. In 7 days, our portfolio grew by 19% or $8,000, which is a record in absolute numbers. For the first time, its value exceeded $50,000. Our initial investment of $10,000 has already increased 5 times in 8 months! We consider this to be an excellent result.

The growth leader this time was CRPT, the price of which increased by 40% and is now $0.30. Over the last month, we have consistently encouraged to buy CRPT as we saw significant potential in it. Our forecast came true and the price consolidated above $0.30. Now we expect a retest of the trend line in the range of $0.27 – $0.28, after which the price may again show a powerful growth up to $0.40.

The second coin that showed significant growth was Litecoin. Its price has risen by almost 30% and is trading at $232. 7 days ago, we were also able to predict this growth and our forecast came true: the LTC price rose to $240. Now we have doubts about the further growth of Litecoin. We expect to see a stop near current levels with a possible drop towards $200.

Bitcoin showed the third result with a growth rate of 16.44%. Its price was able to break through the most important psychological level of $50,000 and is currently trying to gain a foothold above it. However, during the breakout, we did not see a significant increase in volume and this is alarming. In addition, there are some signs of price discrepancy with indicators. Based on this, we are not sure about the future growth of Bitcoin as before. Perhaps in the next 7 days, there will be a decrease in the range of $40,000 – $45,000.

The price of ETH this time increased by almost 10%. Thanks to yesterday’s Bitcoin jump, Ethereum also showed gains and even set a new ATH at $1,919. The price of the coin has slowed down very much in the last 2 weeks, which indicates the weakness of buyers. The situation on the chart is ambiguous, it is difficult to interpret which direction it will go in the next 7 days. However, we tend to think that a decline towards the $1,600 zone is more likely.

XRP is up 7% over the week. However, it should be noted that during the week its price increased by 25% and reached $0.65. It just fell short of our $0.7 forecast. Now you can see that the chart is turning up and this is also indicated by the indicators. We expect growth to $0.65, where the nearest resistance level is now. At the same time, one must understand that on February 22nd, a court is expected between the SEC and XRP, from the outcome of which anything can be expected. Therefore, be sure to increase your stop losses as the XRP price increases.

Despite significant changes in the value of coins, the structure of our portfolio remains within the specified framework. Based on this, we will not be rebalancing this week.

The past week was positive for the entire market. Bitcoin broke through $50,000b altcoins showed strong growth. However, the coming week does not have such bright prospects. Now signs of an overbought market have begun to appear, so the probability of a decline in the next 7 days is high. If you decide to fix and withdraw your profit, you can instantly send cryptocurrency to any MasterCard for a very low commission using the Crypterium App.

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