Crypto Daily: Top-5 Portfolio Decreases by 3%; CRPT Grew by 40%

25 March 2021, 14:03

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Crypto Daily: Top-5 Portfolio Decreases by 3%; CRPT Grew by 40%

Today we continue to talk about our experiment with rebalancing a portfolio from the Top-5 cryptocurrencies

Crypto Daily: Top-5 Portfolio Decreases by 3%; CRPT Grew by 40%

Last time, our portfolio grew to an all-time high, and its value reached $52,367. Over the past 7 days, there have been many events at the market that have influenced our portfolio’s assets. Let’s see how they have changed and what to expect from the chart of each of the coins in the next 7 days:

As we can see, our portfolio’s value has decreased by $1,600 or 3.1% over the week. So far, its cost remains slightly above $50,000. If you look closely at the changes in our assets’ prices, you can see that it was multidirectional. This fully reflects the uncertainty in the market last week.

The undisputed growth leader this week was CRPT, which rose 40% and consolidated above $0.40. Last week we warned that this could happen, and our prediction was correct. Now we expect the price to drop in the $0.35 — $0.30 range. A new accumulation of positions is likely to take place in this zone.

XRP is the second coin to see a gain this week. But 4% growth shouldn’t fool you. Just yesterday, XRP was at $0.55 and hit $0.60 twice during the week but failed to gain a foothold there. At the moment, the price has dropped under the downtrend again, however, we think that the chart should reverse and retest the $0.60 level in the next 7 days.

But the price of Bitcoin fell by 10.6% and is now near $52,500. Even the day before yesterday, we talked about the fall of the first cryptocurrency may continue, and we turned out to be right. At the same time, we think that this is not the end. Most likely, the chart could drop down to $50,000. Depending on how the price behaves near this level, it will become clear whether it is worth waiting for further growth. After this decline, we expect to see a rebound in the $57,000 — $58,000 range.

Litecoin fell 13.69% in 7 days and dropped at the moment to $170. Within 2 weeks, the coin price has been steadily falling and has already reached the trend line. A head and shoulders pattern has formed on the chart, signaling the weakness of the chart. If the price consolidates below $177 on the daily timeframe, the chart may drop to the level of $150 or even $130.

The worst result was shown by Ethereim, which fell by almost 14%. The chart has almost reached the uptrend and may touch it in the coming days at the level of $ 1,500. At the same time, we believe that the fall will soon stop, and the chart will turn upward. In the next 7 days, the price may come in the range of $1,750 — $1,800.

Our portfolio structure has changed a lot, and the shares of assets in our portfolio have gone beyond the established boundaries. So we will rebalance our portfolio. This time we will sell some of the CRPT and XRP. With the released funds, we will buy BTC, ETH, and LTC.

The past week was unsuccessful for the crypto market, but our portfolio’s coins managed to grow significantly. We think that in the near future, it will be finally clear where the crypto market will move. For now, you can deposit any cryptocurrency and get up to 21% interest while the further movement of the market is undefined.

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Crypto Daily: Top-5 Portfolio Decreases by 3%; CRPT Grew by 40%
Crypto Daily: Top-5 Portfolio Decreases by 3%; CRPT Grew by 40%