04 February 2021, 14:02

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Crypto Daily: Top-5 Portfolio Grew at 21% and Set ATH

Today we continue to talk about our experiment with rebalancing a portfolio from the Top-5 cryptocurrencies

Crypto Daily: Top-5 Portfolio Grew at 21% and Set ATH

In the previous 3 weeks, we saw a steady decline of 4% — 5% per week. Was this downtrend interrupted? To do this, let’s take a look at our table:

As we can see, in just 1 week, our portfolio grew by $6,500 or 21%. This is one of the best indicators during our experiment. This not only covered the decline of the previous 3 weeks, but became a new all-time high for our portfolio. Now its value is almost $37,000 and this is 370% more than the initial investment of $10,000. This time, absolutely all coins showed positive dynamics, and 4 of them increased by tens of percent.

Bitcoin price has risen by 20.43% and is now trading at $37,600. This week, we have already repeatedly said that Bitcoin is preparing for growth and now is just the beginning of a new major movement. In 3 days, its price increased by $5,000 and we see no prerequisites for a decline. Most likely, we can see Bitcoin not only at $40,000 in the coming week, but there is a possibility of growth even up to $50,000.

XRP became the leader of growth this week, as its price immediately increased by 46%. If you look at the chart, you will notice that this movement looks like a sharp shot, which is typical for this coin. However, now we continue to expect new growth to the level of $0.5.

Ethereum has also grown significantly — by almost 29%. Moreover, during this time its price broke through ATH and significantly exceeded it. Right now there is absolutely no upward resistance for the coin, which means that the chart will continue to rise. We plan to see significant growth in ETH this week. It is possible that this week, the price of the coin will rise to $2,000.

Litecoin also lagged slightly behind, the price of which increased by 16.72% and is $151 per coin. Earlier we talked about how the LTC chart is very similar to the Bitcoin chart and will copy it, which is what happened at the moment. Despite this strong growth, the future of LTC prices is not clear. But the likelihood of growth remains slightly higher up to $180 in the next 7 days.

CRPT rose slightly this time — by 1.5%. The coin is in the accumulation phase and this is indicated by numerous signs on the chart. At the same time, the growth potential remains up to $0.5 per coin. If the price consolidates above $0.3, then soon the coin will be able to grow by hundreds of percent. With such an unbelievable opportunity, you can easily double your profit by depositing CRPT on your Crypterium savings account right now. 

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