03 February 2021, 15:02

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Crypto Daily: Ethereum Set New ATH; Bitcoin Began to Grow

As it was predicted yesterday, the price of Bitcoin has increased, reaching $36,000 and Ethereum set a new ATH at $1,561

Crypto Daily: Ethereum Set New ATH; Bitcoin Began to Grow

Now let’s see what to expect next from the charts of each coin:


It is clearly seen here that the downtrend has been interrupted at the moment. The chart is fixed above the downtrend and this opens the way up. Both indicators, Stochastic and MACD, have a large upward movement margin. All this indicates that growth will only continue.

If yesterday you did not manage to buy, then today you still have a chance. It is possible that in the next 2 days we will again see the marks of $40,000 — $42,000 per Bitcoin. Whether it will go higher will become clear precisely at these levels, so follow our daily reviews of the crypto market.


Yesterday we warned that the chart has formed an ascending triangle and that there are all prerequisites for going up. Our guesses came true and Ethereum broke through the resistance at $1,440 and soared higher.

Also, we assumed that some stop is possible at around $1,500. The price stayed there for 6 hours and buyers were able to break through this level. Now the price is near $1,550 and has every chance to go higher.

However, there is a chance that we will first see a retest of the $1,480 — $1,500 level. Limit buy orders can be placed in this zone. But after that, we can see a very powerful upward movement up to $2,000.

The rest of the market grew weaker than the first 2 cryptocurrencies. And this trend should continue in the coming days. Most likely, the altcoin season is coming to an end and the main attention will now be focused on Ethereum and Bitcoin.

If you are holding altcoins, then you need to be prepared for the fact that their price can slowly rise in relation to the dollar and fall in relation to Bitcoin. This period can last from 1 to 2 months.

For everyone who is considering whether to enter Ethereum or Bitcoin now, the best time to do it right now with the easiest and fastest way using Crypterium App. Soon, the price of these assets will start almost vertical growth and you may not have time to buy them at a low price. 

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