building the MetaFi ecosystem to bridge the gap between CeFi and DeFi

building the MetaFi ecosystem to bridge the gap between CeFi and DeFi


16 February 2021, 17:02

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Crypterium’s new SDK; Crypto Banking Solution For Businesses

Crypterium is proud to announce a new SDK Crypto banking solution, that helps businesses monetize audiences by providing world-class crypto, banking, and VISA card issuance services worldwide.

Crypterium’s new SDK; Crypto Banking Solution For Businesses

Crypterium offers its next-generation online crypto banking platform with fast, stable and scalable technology combined with proper risk management to power up any businesses with mass digital solutions. Crypterium takes all the complexity and risks of a new digital world under its responsibility. 

Traditional banking products have very little growth potential. The growth of commission income is limited by severe competition, even high-margin fiat products suffer from overall economic stagnation. 

On the contrary, a constantly growing $350+ billion crypto market is a great opportunity to build a digital banking platform having a loyal monetized audience that generates great annual revenue.

New-generation digital banking with Crypterium

Crypterium services integrated into your business with a software development kit (SDK) solution allow you to enhance your platform with a complete range of cryptocurrency solutions, keep your users inside your platform, and earn on crypto and banking services.

Crypterium’s SDK solution allows your customers to buy, send, or cash out crypto straight to any bank account, with fast processing worldwide transactions

The world-class products under your brand 

Trusted by more than 350,000 customers worldwide, the Crypterium App is the all-in-one solution for all crypto-related needs. Everything you need to make with digital financial assets with competitive rates and incredibly easy-to-use services is all in one place. 

The Crypterium Visa Сard is part of the Crypterium App, which integrates a wallet, crypto debit card, and a variety of crypto services into a single application. With this app, which works on mobile and desktop, it becomes as easy as possible to use cryptocurrencies in our digitized world. 

Sending crypto by phone has become easier with the Crypterium App. Users can send crypto using just the recipient’s phone number without fees. Our global tech solution also helps to cash out crypto faster than bank transfers and receive funds in less than 30 minutes.

Integrated with over 10 major exchanges to provide the best market rates for each crypto pair. The bid-matching algorithm instantly chooses the most competitive rates and it’s only the surface of our crypto exchange feature.

Crypterium’s top-up feature allows you to immediately top up mobile with cryptocurrencies in over 150 countries.  

Crypterium’s system of hot and cold keys guarantees your funds’ safety, along with a convenient SDK that records all transactions on the blockchain.

Besides, we also provide you with KYC/AML, regulatory compliance, software maintenance, transaction processing, customer support, fraud control, new services, and the peace of mind you need. 

Keep an eye out for additional features that we are working on as staking rewards, crypto loans, IBAN functionality, and much more. 

Deliver top-notch services while monetizing your audience 

Since 2017 Crypterium users that have passed KYC typically visit the App 18 times a month. Average monthly total transactions close to €1,200 per active user/month. The Crypterium App uses multiple different mechanisms to reach these numbers, and as a business partner, we can help you achieve them.

Become a business partner

  • Collateral Cryptocurrency lending with 0% APR
  • Investment portfolios
  • More than 200 currency pairs for instant in-app exchange
  • Get risk-free interest accounts
  • Issue your own Visa Cards

These services can be integrated into your app with a simple SDK solution, enabling your customers to buy, send and cash out crypto in seconds anytime they need.

Want to customize it and make it your own? The Crypterium App is customizable to meet your needs, whether it’s logo settings, fronts, colors, client authentication methods, selectable services, know your client (KYC) options, and much more. 

As a Crypterium business partner, we can provide you with 3 different packages, a simple turnkey app, an Enhanced SDK and for the most customizable version, we have a dedicated package. 

All packages include a percentage of Crypterium revenue above the minimum shared with the business partner of 50%.

Business referrals

Do you know a business that would benefit from our services? Join the Crypterium Agent Program and earn up to 15% of the referral’s value. Contact us

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