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Crypterium Roundup 2019

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” once said Albert Einstein. And nobody can really argue with him, right? This 2019 was full of interesting developments for Crypterium. Developments not only limited to our wide range of global products, but also concerning our team, the investors community and strategic partnerships. We are sure you deserve some

Crypterium Roundup 2019

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” once said Albert Einstein. And nobody can really argue with him, right? This 2019 was full of interesting developments for Crypterium. Developments not only limited to our wide range of global products, but also concerning our team, the investors community and strategic partnerships.

We are sure you deserve some serious partying this December 31, but before you pop the champagne we invite you to review all that’s been going with your favourite wallet this past year.

Crypterium Card: Spending Crypto Made Easy

The Crypterium Card wasn’t just another product launch. For the Crypterium team, it was the most important product development of 2019. Why? No other company has been able to create a cryptocurrency card that combines such a unique set of characteristics.

Blockchain technology makes digital currencies borderless by nature, allowing them to move freely and instantly across the world. So, we asked ourselves: why solutions around cryptocurrencies should be any different? Until recently, all cryptocurrency cards in the market were only available in a handful of privileged countries. To us, that was simply not fair. So we did what we do best — rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

By June 2019, we introduced the first version of the Crypterium Card — a prepaid UnionPay card that’s linked to your Crypterium Wallet and can be delivered anywhere in the world. The demand was overwhelming. A week after its official launch, we already had 4,000 orders from over 70 different countries. And those numbers only continued to grow.

Unfortunately, some partners didn’t share the excitement about our innovation. Banks began pressuring our customers with ridiculously high exchange rates for foreign transactions, delaying the top up operations and blocking a large number of transactions. While we managed to handle some of these matters to prevent an escalation, we realized it was time to find better partners and improve the Crypterium Card solution.

Following months of negotiations, we found partners willing to handle our orders and treat our customers as they deserve. In December, we have started migrating our existing Crypterium Card holders to our new solution: the Crypterium Card 2.0. This new card not only is faster and more flexible, it’s also available in a digital version so that users don’t have to wait for delivery.

The Crypterium Card will soon reach each and every user of the Crypterium Wallet, turning cryptocurrency purchases into an everyday thing for thousands of holders worldwide.

Crypterium Wallet: All-In-One For Real

While there’s no doubt the Crypterium Card was the product of the year, our flagship all-in-one wallet continued to improve and expand significantly in the last twelve months.

In 2019, we have introduced three major features to make our users’ lives easier: buy, cash out and exchange. Each of these features were designed to make complex processes as intuitive as possible. Even people without knowledge on cryptocurrencies now understands how to purchase, withdraw and exchange digital currencies. 

No complex interfaces, no hidden fees, no headaches. With Crypterium, you can buy the most popular cryptocurrencies in seconds, paying with your debit or credit card and receiving your crypto on your balance instantly. Want a different currency? Exchange straight from the app, with Crypterium SX — a powerful matching engine that integrates the world’s top exchanges and provides the best exchange rates for each of your transactions.

Cashing out is no longer a messy process. Instead of waiting for days for funds to hit your bank account, you can now send crypto to your MasterCard anywhere in the world. Your money arrives in just a couple of minutes. The fees? Lower than any other solution.

This year we have also continued to add new cryptocurrencies to the Crypterium Wallet. After all, we understand the importance of diversifying a cryptocurrency portfolio. Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP) and USD Coin (USDC) balances are now available by default on your wallet.

Mobile-First Doesn’t Mean Desktop-Second

Okay… Maybe it does mean desktop comes in the second place, but only in terms of development. In 2019 we launched a desktop version of the Crypterium Wallet so that you can use your favourite service without switching devices.

If you are working on something in your laptop, you can open a new tab and log into your Crypterium account straight from the browser. Crypterium Desktop was designed to offer the same convenience as the mobile version, so the user experience is surprisingly similar.

Being Social Pays Off

The Crypterium Wallet is a great product. We know it. You know it. And with the referral program, we gave the right incentive so that your friends will know it too.

The introduction of the referral program marked a big success for the Crypterium Wallet. Our user base saw massive growth, but also challenged our capacity to scale. At some point, going viral turned into a headache for our technical team.

After doing some adjustments on the conditions of this program, we were able to continue growing without dealing with thousands of bounty hunters on a daily basis. Still haven’t tried it? Go ahead and invite your friends. Earn $5 for each of them + 25% of their commissions for an entire year.

Loyalty Is What Really Counts

Since we’ve launched Crypterium in 2017, our user base has grown exponentially. Yet, a lot of our customers support us from the very beginning. 

For those holding CRPT tokens, this year was particularly special for two things: the long-awaited Monthly Loyalty Program (MLP) and the burning process of CRPT tokens.

Our loyalty program is up and running and every month, users get rewarded for their crypto-fiat transactions, as well as their stake of CRPT.

Also, the burning process of CRPT is already ongoing and the result is… well… evident. At the end of July, Crypterium had already burned over 100,000 CRPT tokens. Now, users can follow the stats on the burning process from the app.

CRPT started 2019 trading at $0.09 and is set to end the year around the $0.33 mark. Even if you’re a Bitcoin maximalist, you simply cannot ignore such a growth.

Crypterium Around The World

The Crypterium team has visited various events this year. In 2019, we’ve focused on finding strategic partners to enhance the quality and reach of our products, and introducing our solutions to tier-one players in the investment community.

Fintegrate Zone 2019


Malta AI and Blockchain Summit 2019


Nordic Venture Forum 2019


Web Summit 2019


Want to know what’s up for 2020?

The next year is coming with exciting developments too. A full deployment of the improved Crypterium Card 2.0, IBAN transfers, fiat currency integration and plenty of interesting (and profitable) solutions targeting the B2B sector are on their way. For more details about our plans for 2020, check out the year roundup of COO Austin Kimm:


Happy new year! 😉

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