building the MetaFi ecosystem to bridge the gap between CeFi and DeFi

building the MetaFi ecosystem to bridge the gap between CeFi and DeFi


30 December 2020, 23:12

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Crypterium 2020 RoundUp

In 2020 Crypterium has shown incredible growth, we have become one of the fastest-growing fintech projects. For the last 3 years, we have developed and launched more than 15 different products and services to become the best crypto bank worldwide.

Crypterium 2020 RoundUp

2020 may not be fondly remembered by everybody, but it has been an incredible year for Crypterium. A year of unprecedented product development and business growth. A year that cemented our position as a global leader in digital finance and cryptocurrency expansion. 

We have turned our early vision of a leader in cryptocurrency payments into a complete Cryptocurrency banking solution. Crypterium now provides one of, if not the most complete range of cryptocurrency products and services; 15 at last count, with many more on the horizon. In 2020 we’ve been repeatedly mentioned as one of the most exciting fintech companies to watch, and we’ve backed that up with over 300% year-on-year growth.

Our Key Performance Results For 2020

  • 300% growth of transaction volume
  • 150,000,000 EUR turnover
  • 10 times increase in monthly profit
  • First and still the only complete B2B cryptocurrency solution available for leading businesses apps
  • The number of customers has doubled and monthly active users have increased 6 times

Today, Crypterium is used in over 170 countries, leading the world’s most global crypto startups. Since the launch in 2018, more than 350,000 customers have joined Crypterium and relied on Crypterium Wallet and Visa Cards to connect their digital assets with traditional finance. Imagine what’s possible when crypto bull-run reaches everyday users. Following our launch of B2B solutions, we expect to have over 5 million users before the end of 2021.

By consistently following the strategic direction as an all-in-one fintech solution to smoothly manage digital assets, we have highly increased our revenue and fully completed core product development.

Crypterium Wallet: All-In-One Solution For Crypto Needs

Crypterium Wallet was updated with the new unlimited features and lowered its limits to make the wallet absolutely unique for Crypterium users. We added 14 new tokens, cross pair exchanges, cashout improvements, along with new features such as AI Price Predictions tool, crypto loans, and savings account.

One of the most impressive additions to the Crpyterium Wallet is the Crypterium AI Price Prediction that gives an accurate forecast of price movements daily. Artificial intelligence uses computational algorithms to predict prices for over 150 altcoins. After analyzing, the system will advise you to buy or sell your coin.

Crypterium offers up to 21% Interest on the best high-yield savings accounts to help you grow your funds faster than standard accounts. It gives an opportunity to open new savings account with a higher rate of interest without taking too much risk. 

Crypterium gives the opportunity to get a crypto loan directly from your wallet at a 0% annual interest rate with flexible repayment options from 1 to 12 months. Take out as much as half of your assets in BTC or ETH. Reinvest and turn 1 BTC to 1.5 BTC instantly. 

Crypterium Visa Cards: Pay instantly worldwide

In 2020, Crypterium launched the first crypto-to-fiat payment card, the new Crypterium Virtual Visa Card, compatible with Apple Pay.

Crypterium allows first-time users to get plastic and a virtual card to make all contactless purchases with the convenience of using the mobile device. We are also planning to release an update to allow users to integrate their virtual card with Google Pay. 

Crypterium Visa Cards are highly secured and designed explicitly for online shopping, payments, and subscriptions, and fully compatible with every website and application. Users will never need to enter the Crypterium Visa Card info and will never worry about having their information stolen or abused.

Crypterium SDK program. All our crypto services inside your app

In 2020, we have announced our new SDK program to help businesses monetize their audience by providing world-class crypto, banking, and Visa card issuance services.

Crypterium SDK program helps businesses to earn from commissions. Moreover, it gives an opportunity to reduce organization, development, and licensing costs. Learn more about our SDK program here

Our Plans for 2021

Crypterium has more than 120 employees and we continue making Crypterium the best crypto banking solution in the world. 

Our goals:

  • Reach 1 bln EUR in transactions volume
  • Service more than 5M customers
  • Launch new investment products and financial services
  • Global coverage for Сrypterium Visa Cards, including the USA and China 
  • Obtain fiat currency licenses
  • Add Crypterium services to the background of at least 100 retails business apps

Our vision is to be the biggest and best crypto bank in the world, with our services integrated on every smartphone worldwide 

Nowadays, Crypterium is a fast-growing company. Both Crypterium and cryptocurrency communities are growing faster than ever before and with the launch of new services into previously untapped markets, especially our groundbreaking B2B solutions. Crypterium can reach heights that we could never have thought.


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