CRPT Soars 321%, Surpassing BTC Growth Rate

03 April 2021, 14:04

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CRPT Soars 321%, Surpassing BTC Growth Rate

CRPT price has grown by more than 300% over the last 6 months, printing a new high above $0.6 per token

CRPT Soars 321%, Surpassing BTC Growth Rate

CRPT, the native cryptocurrency of the world’s largest crypto bank Crypterium, tripled its price in the last four months, even as Bitcoin has gained just 274% straight to $54,000. CRPT trading volume skyrocketed 1288% on major exchanges within a day.

CRPT made a more than 300% increase in price over the last 6 months, printing a new high above $0.6 per token. The cart below shows that the main medium-term technical level has been broken and currently being retested. It means that since CRPTUSD is trading above that level, we can expect further growth to the next highs.

CRPT token growth is backed by a decent number of fundamentals such as scarcity, increasing burn rate, trading volume, and many more. Find the latest project stats below

  • 440% increase in burning rate (compared to 2020)
  • 300% increase in transactions volume
  • 1288% increase in trading volume
  • 1700% increase in user base
  • 1500 new investors

CRPT is still in the growth phase, showing very strong fundamentals with a 300% growth of transaction volume and a 150,000,000 EUR turnover within the Crypterium Ecosystem. 

All crypto-fiat transactions in Crypterium are fueled by CRPT tokens. With each transaction, a fee equal to 0.5% in CRPT is taken from the user’s account and burned, artificially reducing the asset’s supply and increasing the long-term supply and demand ratio.

The Crypterium Ecosystem generates CRPT demand, as a 0.5% fee is paid in CRPT for each transaction. If the user doesn’t have CRPT, the system itself buys the required amount using the crypto equivalent of the 0.5% fee.

As long as Crypterium is functioning, there will be constant purchases of CRPT tokens with constant demand, which makes the price increase. Whatever the market price of CRPT, the user will still always pay the minimum fee for the crypto-fiat transaction.

«Constant demand and decreasing supply will cause an increase of asset price»

How does it work

Mr. Smith makes a transaction in Crypterium App for $10,000 and pays the transaction fee equivalent of 0.5% in CRPT, therefore $50. Crypterium will take the CRPT equivalent of $50 from the user and burn it. Using the current market price, it will burn roughly 125 CRPT.

Now there are less CRPT tokens in current circulation. The Crypterium App needs CRPTs as a fuel for the platform to operate. Notice, CRPT demand was created, and since the supply is limited, slowly decreasing, its price goes up; therefore, burning the CRPT equivalent of $50 (0.5% of $10,000) will mean burning less and less CRPT tokens because each CRPT will be worth more and more dollars.

In the long term, CRPT is extremely promising as the project aims to reach 1 bln EUR in transactions volume and service more than 5 million users worldwide. The market price of a CRPT is dependant on the amount of transactions that occur in the Crypterium Ecosystem. 


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CRPT Soars 321%, Surpassing BTC Growth Rate
CRPT Soars 321%, Surpassing BTC Growth Rate