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Zcoin's Insom's pays for political action: email inbox hacked by Thai govt-backed cyber criminals

January 30, 2019

Poramin Insom, the founder of the popular Zcoin Platform in Thailand, has tweeted the alleged hacking of his email account by cyber criminals who enjoy the backing of the Government of Thailand. Insom believes it is the government’s retaliation to his recent political actions which included ridiculing the government for not controlling dissidence by locals.

Thailand not easy with political commentary

Bangkok’s dictatorship does not take easily to criticism and is in the same league as its communist neighbour, China in censoring public commentary on political events and happenings in the country.

Incidents of strong action against such anti-government citizens or groups are typically swift and emphatic. 2018 was a year of many such incidents but the worst was in the case of a rap band which criticized the negatives and the shortcomings of the current rule of the land. The band, named ‘rap against dictatorship’ described the corruptive government officials, censorship quickly driving viewership. However, the viral video on Youtube with nearly 30 million views was threatened by the police as being seditious in its content and hence liable for prosecution. Additionally, the government also directed the user-generated video platform to remove the offensive video of the rap gang to no effect.

In the process when the government and the internet giant were engaged in, one of the dissidents who was a member of the ZCoin network took to saving the video under dispute to the blockchain network and creating history by embedding it as a ZCoin Transaction.

This apparently resulted in the government shifting its focus to the blockchain entity and drew the founder into the historic hacking-attempt by the  Thai Government.

Google Warns Zcoin

The incident of the hacking came to the notice of the founder of Zcoin, based on the warning the search engine giant offered its user. Insom received a notification from Gmail that his email account may have been exposed to brute force login. However, the notification failed to notify the actual methods used by the attackers and insisted that the user should be careful and make changes to the password or other security protocols.

However, the takeaway for the founder of the blockchain has been that no Thai is safe from the dictator’s censorship. Secondly, criticism will not help solve the current issues and technology-first users such as himself should explore newer methods of getting their political angst across to the government.

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