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Meet the Youngest Wall Street Hedge Fund Manager in the World

February 19, 2019

John Ladeluca. There is a high percentage likelihood you haven’t heard of him. The percentage slightly decreases once you find out he is a hedge fund manager. In the end, it almost disappears once he tells the person on the other side he is only 20 years old.

So, how is he doing? “People think Wall Street is old guys wearing suits and making phone calls all day, but it’s not. Now, it’s just a lot of twenty-something-year-olds writing code and drinking a lot of Red Bull,”Ladeluca tells Forbes about the changing times.

He was already in programming by the age of 13, while at 17, he was already working as a full-time developer. Today, he leads his own company from their offices in Wall Street.

Ladeluca, a native of New Jersey, is the founder of Banz Capital, a hedge fund focused on quant strategies in the digital asset market. Quantitative trading is extremely complicated as it can take a significant amount of time and resources for one to construct a quant strategy based on the algorithmic trading methodologies.

The so-called “financial programmers” are one of the most sought-after breeds in the business. It requires advanced knowledge of math and specific software to create strategies, the goal of which is to send hundreds or even thousands of trades in milliseconds. Due to its nature, an extensive background in statistics and econometrics can provide you with an edge when creating such strategies.

“The smartest strategies win. You adapt to survive, Wall Street has always been cutthroat, and this is no different,” adds Ladeluca.

The Banz Capital fund is focused on trading volatile digital assets, as well as limited early off-market blockchain assets. The commission applied is a standard 2% management fee, in addition to 20 to 30 percent of the generated profit.

As a big fan and believer in blockchain technology, he put money where his mouth is, and made his company investments in the further development of the blockchain technology to further improve their performance.

Although it can be quite frustrating that you have to spend your energy to convince colleagues you are actually 20, he considers his age as one of his strongest suits.

“People my age are the first of this generation to interact with these markets. We grew up with computers and phones, we know how powerful they are, so we look at the markets in a certain way that traditional investors aren’t able to. Especially when it comes to new, computerized methods that are generating higher returns,” concludes Ladeluca.

The story is sponsored by newconomy.

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