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Key Points from Livestream with Rafael Carrascosa

January 30, 2019

Check out what you might have missed, or follow the link to our YouTube channel and watch an address from Crypterium’s VP of Global Partnerships one more time.

Rafael Carrascosa went online on January 29th and covered various topics from card solutions to future partnerships. His livestream session covered almost all the details of our work with partners. Here are key points and what you might have missed.

Global Card Solution

Partnerships are crucial for our business, and this time we had some great news to share. Last week, we agreed on our first card solution with a card issuing partner. This means, in six weeks our users will get the first Crypterium cards that will allow them to use their crypto holdings in any way they want around the globe. We will start with physical cards that will be issued globally, and accepted in shops, cafes and so on. You will have a possibility to actually use it anywhere you like - ATMs, merchants and e-commerce platforms. The pre-order process will start next week. Stay tuned, and don’t miss the chance to get your card before anyone else does.

NFC Cards are on the way, too

The global product we are launching is not yet NFC-enabled, but we are negotiating with two other partners that are 100 percent NFC. One of the partners offers tokenization of the cards which will make it suitable for Apple, Google and Samsung Pay. The working process is complex and it might take another two to three months until you see the delivered NFC product.

Joint Venture with a Top 10 Exchange

Crypterium is aiming to create a joint venture with a Top 10 cryptoexchange from Asia in order to come up with another innovative payment solution. It’s a very exciting project that helps us to explore the ways crypto can be used in payments without using the Visa/MasterCard infrastructure. We have already found a stablecoin partner and got major coins and tokens to express their interest in the new project. More detail will be shared in following news.

Integration with Jumio

People have been very sensitive about the issues regarding KYC. Rafael announced that last year we signed an agreement with a market leader Jumio, and the new updated KYC process will run by the end of February. This process will significantly improve your customer experience. Partnership with Jumio shows our willingness to negotiate and cooperate only with the best companies on the market. When responding to the question about the strictness of the KYC process, Rafael stated that our system does not have strict rules unlike many other products and he does not see much obstacles in it. We are even able to reach unbanked population as many have at least some sort of ID and utility bills.

1 million users is a real possibility?

Rafael argues that it is not too hard to get 1 million users. In one of the projects he mentioned, we are even going further as we plan to reach out to 1 billion potential users. Crypterium is delivering a very strong and much-needed services, which makes getting 1 million users not too difficult.

What are the latest updates regarding Investment opportunities?

Crypterium is in advanced negotiations with a company that is very strong on an investment side. We believe that having options to look for funds or other options to invest will be positively accepted and well regarded among our community members. Enabling you to make investments just with pushing one button is another thing we are currently working on.

For those who prefer watching movies instead of reading books, here is a full video of Rafael’s livestream:

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