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How We Organize Our 24/7 Customer Support

January 25, 2019

When you look back at your experience, chances are, there will be only a few times when you were truly bowled over by the customer support service that made you feel as if you are a special customer and not just another ticket. We realize how frustrating the feeling is, and make sure Crypterium’s customer support is smooth, solves all the issues in a rapid mode and brings nothing but joy to our community is at the top of our priorities. We allocated significant resources to treating our customers the way they deserve, and today, we want to tell you how we organized the support.  

We are everywhere

For your convenience and ease of communication, we are present on all major social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Medium, Youtube, Twitter, Bitcointalk and Reddit.

Besides, Crypterium’s support team is actively engaged in communication with users via application chat and official email -

While enhancing the App chat is one of our top priorities – tete-a-tete discussion always improves customer experience to a better level – right now the main channel of communication is our Telegram Chat where you can talk not only to our fabulous support managers but also to other Crypterium enthusiasts.

It’s not a secret that Telegram has been attracting the most advanced fintech projects followers who want to express their opinions on the companies’ developments. Crypterium’s Telegram Chat, for example, has more than 26,500 members as of 25th of January. Looks like very soon we will be more than the whole population of an entire country San Marino! yay!

“Admin” Knows It!

The number of the support team members that are responding to the requests depends on the workload. For example, during the ICO time, we had more than 20 people in customer support to make sure there is always someone that is available to answer your questions - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All our admins have "| Crypterium support" and “Admin” stickers next to their name so they are easily recognizable. You can always engage in a conversation with them within the chat or send them a private message. It is worth noting though that admins never start chats with you themselves. If someone does, and especially if they ask you for money or to promote some shady airdrops, be sure, they are scammers. But do not worry, Crypterium wrote a whole article about online security.  

From California to Manila

The team is diverse, spans on several time zones and truly corresponds to the global spirit of Crypterium. Our admins are from the USA, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Macedonia, etc. Team members choose their own timetable that suits their timezones. Flexible working hours contribute to the fact that someone is always online. It means that our American admin can answer your question whenever its most convenient for him and, more importantly, for you.

Many members of our support team joined Crypterium since the time of the ICO, some of them were just very proactive members of the community and since we love to see enthusiasts on our side - we offered them to work with us. Maybe you are our next guy, we are still hiring!

Hey, IT guy! Cover me!

Like most tech companies, we offer 2-level support. What we talked about above, is the 1st level support team that is directly communicating with users and is first in line to respond to any queries. Our admins are well prepared to instantly answer most of your questions, from the App features to our future plans. To stay in a good shape, they are regularly checking the constantly updated knowledgebase with clear instructions on how to respond to any issues regarding our services.

However, if there are complex issues that the first level support team can’t provide a satisfying answer to you, they will use help from IT specialists - the 2nd level support team. This team is supervised by CTO and is ready to resolve any concerns regarding technology behind Crypterium.

In addition to those two levels, we are planning to create a fully operational help centre, which will have an internal part (for support) and an external part for users. You just have to wait for it a bit more.

We Are Everywhere Part 2

In addition to our official chat, there are also several other unofficial communities in localized languages created by our supporters but not maintained by Crypterium. We currently do not have any plans to create other official chats but having multilingual support is among our long-term goals. We can’t promise to put up chats for all the indigenous languages of Argentina, but having a support team for every UN language is a possibility we can aspire to.

If we get mentioned anywhere, we get notified and team members are ready to respond and solve any issue. We also regularly check reviews on Google Play and App Store in order to improve our services and be up to date on what Crypterium’s community thinks.


Anything, Anytime, Anywhere - that’s our motto. We are happy to help you with any possible concerns that you might face in our app or when using our services. No matter what time is it - someone is available for you, we can adjust to any timezone.

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