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Hollywood Take A Liking For Bitcoin

February 1, 2019

TV show Cryptos by celebrity Kevin Connolly is all set to arrive on the small screen of streaming services by 2020. Touted as the first-ever series which will see screens spouting dialogues on decentralized ledgers technology, Hollywood has finally taken to the biggest ever fintech in recent times.

According to Connolly in a conversation with the media said,

“The thing that scares people about crypto is a lack of understanding. People like myself are still learning, but the curiosity is there.”

Crypto timing is right

The time is prime, says the celebrity for the young and happening cryptocurrencies to hit the mainstream. These alternate systems could well be the means the bring-in cryptocurrencies by producing big-budget films from these alternatives.

Kevin says,

“Cryptocurrency is the hot new topic but nobody seems to know what it is really all about. We all have a friend who is sure it’s about to make them obscenely wealthy. Finance swindles, Wall Street scandals and small-scale schemes and scams have all been done to death, but rarely actually relate to our real lives. It’s time for a rollicking crypto-drama that’s a little closer to home.”

Low prices on markets

The artist adds that cryptocurrencies as the medium for the entertainment industry based out of Hollywood are timing their entry into the industry right, given the latest low rates of bitcoin, and other alternate coins.

Industry observers have been commenting that the low prices of cryptocurrency in current markets are double-edged. This is because nearly everyone in the industry is expecting the bitcoin winter to end at any point in time. Thus, owning these alternate currency at that point of time is critical to the retail investor and create value.

Prices of bitcoin have moved around $6,500 in the past few months and plunged even lower to near about $3,000 due to different types of market pressures.

However, traders and many investors who look at cryptocurrencies for the long term are particularly excited about the low prices as it gives an opportunity for all to participate.

The current move by Hollywood, to produce a comedy-drama will be funded by Dionysia the financing company for using blockchain and cryptocurrency for funding the project.

The story is nearly autobiographic in nature for writers perhaps as it relates to the struggles of five cryptocurrency related investors and their lives.

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