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Blockchain Inspiring Artwork

January 28, 2019

Artists’ work is an extension of the world in which they live. At the Art Basel Miami Beach event, one was witness to artwork inspired by digitized freedom, decentralization and immutability of ledger, financial deregulation, bitcoin and more.  Brock Pierce, investor and blockchain community leader, commenting on artists working on blockchain art says, “Christie’s has been looking into blockchain-inspired art, as have many respectable auction houses, and there are companies like Codex who are building a decentralized asset registry on fine art and collectables.”

Bitcoin-art began with “Bitchcoin”

The first of such crypto-artistic ventures happened back in 2015 with artist Sarah Meyohas’s ‘bitchcoin’ inspired by New York’s central interests “how you create value, what value is, and what value means.”

By 2017, a foremost speaker on art and performer, VESA formed the It is one of the leading organizations framing creative standards necessary for artwork in the blockchain technology platform.

Bitcoin Inspires Red Eye

VESA says, “The jump to blockchain was natural once I understood how many missing solutions it offered for the digital age.” But the actual trigger to creating artwork came from blockchain investor friend, over a cup of coffee. The latter was woeful he could not find any art or illustration which suitably represented the world of blockchain for his workplace people to understand the new world he was exploring for over four months.

The inspired artist saw what “an opportunity this was and how it aligned with my values relating to crypto.”  The very first artwork that came out of this brainstorming session and after is titled Red Eye by VESA and represents the sucking vortex that blockchain will eventually become.

Even as VESA operated in the Big Apple, in the Southern American artist Nanu Berks too was inspired to explore cryptographic-art: “I began creating artwork inspired by the decentralization of power back in 2002 and 2008, when the monetary crisis was happening in Argentina.”

Berks stark representation of the times around him – no jobs, no money to buy food or supplies and the struggles of his family members were all captured with spray-paint outside bank walls in the country. She found herself traveling and offering her knowledge through workshops in exchange for accommodation and other needs.

She says, “While my art has always been about consciousness expansion and upcoming systems of decentralization, I started tagging my art as ‘crypto-art’ and ‘blockchain or tech-art’ about three years ago, once I had a better understanding of the technology. “

Tokenization of the world has commenced with bitcoin, but the liberation and de-regulated, Peer-to-peer dimensions it brings are a true inspiration to artists of 2019!

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