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Ripple’s Partnership Programs

January 24, 2019

Ripple has proposed a partnership with Tsinghua University for the scholarship program. Its new program will launch the Blockchain Technology Scholarship Program will focus on graduates from China. In turn, Ripple will back the University’s needs. The main area of work in which this premier institution is engaged with is research resources as well as achievements.

The Director of the institution, Ivy Gao says:

“Most importantly, I believe, this program will greatly help with their future research or career in the field of blockchain technology.”

The idea of blockchain technologies has been the biggest breakthrough in the new millennium. However, there is no qualitative body of work in relation to cryptocurrencies and its use, adoption as well as other research constructs.

Therefore, Ripple’s best initiative thus far has been in giving graduates and the financial users of the current generation to delve, evaluate and arrive at research gaps, conclusions and standardization which will give cryptocurrencies the much needed structural framework or theoretical perspective as available for fiat-currencies.

Blockchain Academics

At the same time the head of Ripple’s SVP Global operations, Eric van Miltenburg, says :

“The program’s goal – to provide students with opportunities in blockchain research – closely aligns with that of Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative. We’re thrilled to support THUIFR in this endeavor and look forward to its launch.”

The association between Ripple’s own research organization and the unilateral study-based research organization at the premier Chinese institute will allow creating the necessary opportunities for theory-based technical documents.

Ripple will follow regulatory needs in order to reach a breakthrough in the community, as one of the users @coupleofcrypto have remarked, “Most criticized in the crypto space, and yet by far the most active to get blockchain technology adopted worldwide… This is part of Ripple partnering with universities around the world to push blockchain development. It’s awesome, Ripple is really helping the entire crypto space, but you take it one step too far Just my opinion.”

Research program

Ripple’s latest research twinning program for graduates at the Chinese institute will drive the academic discipline required to establish cryptocurrency development, adoption, and implementation. The financial services that these virtual currencies can now offer should be standardized and implemented since Ripple has moved across markets and arrived in diverse countries where regulations and rules differ. For many from the cryptocurrency industry, the new venture by Ripple’s foundation will aid further evolution of blockchain technology and provide an impetus for evolving fintech services.

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