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CRPT listed on Liquid, one of the largest exchanges, with fiat pairs in place

September 4, 2018

Currently listed on QryptosCRPT tokens are migrating to the Liquid exchange as it is combining the Qryptos and Quoinex platform into one. What this means is that you’ll soon be able to buy and sell CRPT on one of the largest exchanges using not only cryptocurrencies but also fiat money.

What’s going on?

Japan’s largest cryptocurrency exchange operator, Quoine, is launching Liquida trading platform designed to bring the entire global network of cryptocurrency exchanges together. The launch arises from the upcoming union of the Quoinex and Qryptos platform.

For those unfamiliar, Quoinex is Quoine’s exchange for fiat/crypto trading; Qryptos is Quoine’s exchange for crypto-only trading.

On September 4, Quoine will start merging all tokens currently listed on the Qryptos and Quoinex platform, as well as all customers and traders will be migrated to Liquid. The rollout of Liquid is expected to take up to 24 hours. Being officially approved by the Japanese government while state control over cryptocurrencies is getting more and more strict, Liquid has all chances to become one of the largest and most reputable exchanges in Asia.

What does it mean for you?

By listing on the Liquid platform, we’ll be able to give our users a low-fee option and provide them with new trading opportunities. Liquid will save the advantages of both exchanges: the higher liquidity and fiat solutions of Quoinex, as well as the minimal fees of Qryptos.

Commenting on the partnership with Liquid, Crypterium’s CEO Mark O’Brien said: “With its proven reputation and a global user base, Quoine’s Liquid has a huge potential. We at Crypterium are very excited by the fact that our customers will be able to buy and sell CRPT on one of the largest exchanges using not only cryptocurrencies but also fiat money”.

PS. If you have an account on Qryptos or Quoinex, you’ll be able to log into Liquid using the same password. As soon as Liquid goes live, you’ll be able to trade CRPT there!

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