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Card Payouts: Cash Out Your Crypto To Any Bank Card Instantly

May 20, 2019

Cryptocurrency holders have been looking for effective ways to withdraw digital currencies for a very long time. Whether you trusted a traditional crypto exchange or relied on a cutting-edge crypto wallet, the options were always quite limited.

Those days are over. Today, we are introducing 'Card Payouts' — the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to cash out your favorite cryptocurrencies. With this new feature, you can instantly send digital currencies to any MasterCard in the world for a very low commission. Here is how it works:


How To Send Crypto To Your Bank Card?

Each Crypterium feature is designed to offer an outstanding user experience. This one is no exception. Our team has simplified the process as much as possible so that you can send Bitcoin to your card in under 1 minute. Here is how it works:


To transfer your cryptocurrencies to a bank card, open your Crypterium App and click on the 'Cash Out' feature. You will find this feature at the top of the dashboard, as well as in the “Money Transfer” section.


The Crypterium App will display a source balance by default. If you wish to choose another balance to draw funds, click on “From” and select your desire balance from the drop down. You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin balances.

Keep in mind that we are planning to add new digital currencies soon. If you are a Crypterium Plus and Premium member, you’ll be able to cash out up to 16 different cryptocurrencies to your bank card.


It’s now time to enter your bank card details. Unlike other solutions in the market, we only need your 16-digit card number. We will never ask for your CVV code. This feature works with both MasterCard debit and credit cards.


You can either enter the BTC/ETH/LTC amount you wish to transfer, or the specific EUR amount you would like to receive in your MasterCard. Once you’ve done so, Crypterium SX — our AI-based matching engine will offer you the best available rate in the market. We’ll also show an estimated processing time and the total fee.


Go over the details and make sure everything is correct, especially your card number. If things look good, click ‘Pay’ and get yourself a coffee. Your funds will arrive soon!


Fees That Don’t Hurt Your Balance

We get it. Fees are a pain. Especially when no one around seems to be straight forward about them. In many exchanges, it’s nearly impossible to find their withdrawal fees. At Crypterium, what you see is what you pay. No hidden fees. No surprises to you or your balance.

Example: let’s imagine you would like to withdraw 100 EUR to your MasterCard. In this particular case, you would pay a 1.5% (1% + 0.5% in CRPT) on the transaction amount (100 EUR x 1.5% = 1.5 EUR) and a fixed 1 EUR, resulting in a total fee of 2.5 EUR.

It's worth mentioning that the 0.5% in CRPT is used to actually load funds to the MasterCard. The commission is deduced in the payout currency from the user's balance, so there is no need to have CRPT in your wallet. We automatically convert that 0.5% to CRPT for subsequent burning.

As for limits, we've set a minimum crypto-to-card cash out at 20 EUR per transaction and a daily maximum of 150 EUR. For the moment, you can cash out up to 1 000 EUR per month. This limit will increase considerably following the Beta stage.

How Long Does It...? Done.

Long gone are the days you had to wait up to 5 days for funds to hit your bank account. Withdrawals to your debit or credit MasterCard are processed instantly, so that you can access your money on the spot.

About Crypterium

Crypterium is one of the most promising fintech companies, according to KPMG and H2Ventures. We are building a mobile app that meets the banking needs of the digital assets era.

Our goal is clear: with Crypterium, whatever you can do with traditional money you will able to do with digital assets. This idea is supported, among others, by the co-founder of TechCrunch Keith Teare and over 400,000 registered users, and the number is growing by day.

The team is led by former General Manager of Visa Central & Eastern Europe Steven Parker, and C-level executives from global financial institutions, like Renaissance Insurance, London Derivatives Exchange, American Express etc.

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