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5 Key Points from Vladimir Gorbunov’s Interview on NewsBTC

June 29, 2018

An exclusive interview with Crypterium co-founder Vladimir Gorbunov was published earlier today. Vladimir specifically focused on Crypterium’s plans and intermediate goals for the nearest future. In this article, we are looking at the 5 key points regarding the execution of Crypterium’s global vision.

There’s a need for easy and legal ways to buy crypto

You can probably see the current lack of comprehensible legal ways to buy crypto. “Today, potential crypto buyers often have to turn to shady marketplaces or exchange outlets that have enormous fees of 10–25%. Add to it the vast amount of theft and fraud, and you’ll see why people hesitate to get into crypto,” Vladimir explains.

Crypterium is going to provide the most convenient and efficient way to purchase cryptocurrencies through Crypterium App — a simple and cheap solution of buying crypto right from your bank card anywhere in the world with minimal fees. The whole range of fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat operations will be covered: for instance, merchants will be able to receive fiat even if the payment is made in crypto. The roll-out of these solutions is scheduled to happen as early as by the end of 2018.

Crypterium wants to reach unbanked people via ATMs and local outlets

Crypterium is also planning to reach billions of currently unbanked people and bring them all the advantages of the new crypto-based payment systems.

“Countries like Cuba and specific regions across Asia and Africa currently have no payment terminals and no infrastructure. However, that doesn’t mean the citizens of those countries do not need to transfer funds, including international payments, or have a universal payment solution when traveling abroad,” Vladimir says.

We are currently working on a whole array of solutions to set up Crypterium terminals worldwide, through which anyone could purchase cryptocurrencies for cash. Once a user gets their preferred cryptocurrency on their Crypterium account, they can transfer it through Crypterium App to any recipient — even to those who don’t have a bank account but owns a smartphone. As Vladimir puts it, “that’s the next-generation payment experience, and we are going to have it in place within 12–18 months.”

The full cycle solution is what crypto market needs

“We aren’t just creating a payment solution. Instead, we are building up a whole ecosystem that will cater to the needs of any cryptocurrency holder. In addition to buying crypto and making payments with it, we are going to introduce crypto loans along with investment scenarios. We are also putting much effort into the development and expansion of our partnership network,” explains the co-founder of the world’s first cryptobank.

Crypterium’s ultimate goal is to make a smartphone the only thing needed for a complete banking experience. Setting up terminal networks, providing QR payment solutions and integrating with existing systems are the crucial steps towards achieving that.

Maintaining a competitive token is important for Crypterium success

One of the main advantages of the CRPT token is its clear-cut role within the Crypterium ecosystem. Used as “fuel” for transactions, CRPT is instrumental in making the whole system work.

The token is already listed on two exchanges, and its trading volumes are going up. According to Vladimir, it is only the beginning. “We are planning to boost the number of listings next year, introducing a new one almost every month. As for 2018, we are planning to get listed on 3–4 new exchanges by the end of the year,” he says.

It’s time to go global. We are ready

Crypterium consists of two essential parts: the crypto part and the fiat part, which are completely separate from each other. This gives Crypterium much-needed flexibility for various crypto-to-fiat operations; but at the same time, it means we have to go through all the regulatory procedures and meet all the requirements for a traditional bank. It is expected that all regulatory issues in the critical regions will be settled by the end of this year.

“Some countries don’t require us to obtain a license; we’ll launch there sooner. Marc O’Brien, our CEO, is a world-class specialist with massive experience in banking and payment systems; he will surely be instrumental in dealing with any regulatory disparities across the globe,” states Vladimir Gorbunov, adding that Crypterium is currently in talks with numerous partners in various spheres, cardless payment infrastructures being an example.

Do you agree with this list of goals to achieve? Do you see any other key points for us to focus on? Feel free to provide your feedback in our Telegram Channel!

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