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Top 10 Fastest Growing Online Jobs and the Future of Work

January 29, 2019

The hype of working from the office appears to be ebbing away with remote work taking over. However, not all online jobs are on high demand and a background check reveals that there are that freelancers cannot go wrong with. If you are planning to jump ship from the nine to five office routine, a career change in 2019 to remote work could turn out fulfilling.

Recent data released by reveals that out of about 2 million jobs listed, content development, blockchain and e-commerce focused jobs are on demand. The data covers the online labour market by close of 2018.

Growing Opportunities Online

“Ten years ago, remote employment basically meant a telemarketing or customer service position at below minimum wage,” according to Samantha Lambert, director of human resources at web design company Blue Fountain Media.

“It rarely was connected with a full-time career. Now, technology affords us the ability to get the same job done, no matter where in the world we are. [It has] enabled us to be in contact with co-workers or clients at any time.”

The career change has always been a challenge for many but with remote jobs demand on the rise, 2019 could be the right time to jump ship.  As much as this could be a cup of mixed opportunities, the convenience and freedom that working online comes with entices many to quit the daily routine work and turn to work anywhere as long as you are hooked to the internet.

Contrary to popular belief, tech jobs appear to be taking a back seat but writing and blogging about the niche still hold under the writing category. With the reported demand for remote jobs in 2018 on the rise, the demand in 2019 is poised to skyrocket and this is the right time to decide on the job change.

Top 10 Popular Online Jobs in 2018

Below is a list of the top 10 popular remote jobs in 2018 and are likely to usher in the New Year with their demand headed north.

  1. Writing
  2. API
  3. Blockchain
  4. Academic Writing
  5. 2D Animation
  6. Social Media Management
  7. Blog Writing
  8. Express JS
  9. Shopify Templates
  10. Drawing

Surprisingly, online writing gigs demand went up by 535.60% compared to the same time in 2017. Remote writers’ demand is on the rise but this should not make you smile; the wiring is broad and you need to dig deep and get the popular niche that you are passionate about.

Understanding Your Passion and Skills

The list is just a guide and things might turn better or even worse given how technologies change. Blockchain, for instance, might be overtaken by Artificial Intelligence (AI) but 2019 will be a fun year to watch which disciplines will come top. However, if you have a strong background in the niche and ability to breakdown its complexity, you are good to go.

Demand for physical businesses is on the decline with many of entrepreneurs jostling for space online through websites. Remote job seekers with web building skillsets are headed for a boom in 2019. However, these work hand in hand with content developers.

Website development and content production are trends whose demand will skyrocket in 2019. With outsourcing being a click away, businesses will continue to rely on remote expertise. Websites create 24-hour open shop opportunities especially for e-commerce outfits.

Why Shift Gears to Remote Work?

The benefits of a career change to remote work are glaring; it offers a lot of freedom and flexibility and if you are disciplined, you can work from anywhere, anytime. You create the right environment and your productivity is optimized. Most employers do not geo-target their workforce and you earn your worth.

According to FlexJobs, there are a lot of opportunities out there. Top companies are focusing on hiring remote workers. Big names like Intuit, Amazon, Pearson and Aetna are some of the firms that prefer remote workers.  The opportunities are limitless and the playing environment is young and healthy

Remote Work Downsides

Job security is one aspect that the remote worker is scared of coupled with job stability. You only define your pay through your input and not many employers will provide insurance or health cover. These are some of the reasons why workers are still stuck in the nine to five office routine.

Lack of self-discipline has drained the remote worker potential. There is too much freedom leading to procrastination and this tends to affect the online goer productivity. There is a lot of anxiety leading to burnouts especially among millennials and with the slumping economy, many find remote jobs a no-gone zone for them.

However, the demand for the remote worker is on the rise. The secret to beat the competitions is identifying a niche and give your all. Repeat consumers will always be there to keep you afloat. If you are not sure of your worth, it might take you some time to break even.

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