The first release version of the Crypterium cryptobank is coming out in the nearest future. Right now, our team is busy testing and perfecting the app, which you can already download from Google Store and AppStore. With Crypterium, spending crypto in regular stores will be a breeze!

Here are the changes coming with this update:

  • Automated balance update interval changed to 1 minute on iOS. Your account balance data is now cached for 1 minute (instead of 30 seconds in the earlier versions) so that balance updates don’t feel too distracting. As before, you don’t have to manually refresh the app to see the changes in cryptocurrency prices and your balance.
  • Currency exchange implemented on iOS. With Crypterium, you can store and transfer your funds in CRPT, BTC and ETH, as well as get real-time exchange rate graphs and review your transaction history. In addition, iOS users can now exchange currencies within the app — this feature was previously available only in the Android version.
  • KYC implemented on iOS. User level is now displayed in the app. The level depends on the amount of tokens owned by the user and corresponds with our loyalty program, which is coming into play next year.

Your feedback and further suggestions are always welcome in our Telegram Chat. Stay tuned!

About Crypterium

Crypterium is one of the most successful ICOs of all time. Over 72,000 tokenholders contributed $51+ million to help us bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and their use in everyday life.

The CRPT token is traded on HitBTC, one of the Top-10 cryptocurrency exchanges.

All the Crypterium solutions will only be accessible for use if you have CRPT that will be used as ‘gas’ for the transactions. Every time someone makes a payment, a fee equal to 0.5% of the value of the transaction in CRPT is taken from the CRPT token holder’s account and burnt as fuel. This means the number of CRPT tokens will be reducing over time.

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