Crypterium App

What is Crypterium App?

Crypterium is building the most convenient payment solution that will let you pay with your cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world. There are just five simple steps separating you from using crypto in your everyday life:

  • • Download the App from AppStore or Google Store
  • • Issue a virtual card within the app
  • • Bind it to your crypto account
  • • Link it to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay
  • • Use Crypterium any time you pay with your smartphone.

It’s just as easy as paying with your credit cards, only with more payment options. Isn’t that great?

Currently, the fully-fledged version of the app is only accessible with invitation codes, as we are determined to create a flawless product and are thoroughly testing everything before providing access to the wider audience. The launch of the full version is planned as soon as possible.

Where can I download Crypterium App?

You can download the Crypterium App from AppStore and Google Store

What rates do you use?

Crypterium is building interactions with the best market makers in the world to ensure that we get the best rate possible for you when paying with your cryptocurrencies.

Our partners ensure that we have the best prices on the market available, better than those available via retail crypto exchanges. The app will present the current fiat valuation of your crypto account in real-time.

What is Crypterium ID?

Crypterium ID is an identification number given to every registered user. It can be used to receive and send money in any of the cryptocurrencies available in the app instead of a long crypto wallet addresses. The ID is static and it’s the same for all the currencies, so when you send crypto you don’t have to worry about choosing one of many addresses - we’ll do it for you.

What are the functions of Crypterium App?

We are constantly improving the product, adding new functions, currencies and making it super easy to use. The public features now allow you to:

  • • Receive, store and transfer cryptocurrencies
  • • Exchange cryptocurrencies
  • • Receive the latest updates on crypto-asset value
  • • Receive real-time account balance updates
  • • Review transaction history
  • • Get special guides on how to buy and sell crypto

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Which currencies does Crypterium App support?

The current version of the app allows you to store your funds in BTC, ETH and CRPT. New cryptocurrencies will be added constantly. At the beginning, we will be focused on the most popular ones like XRP, LTC, Dash, XEM, NEO, MIOTA or XMR. And you can suggest your favorite coins and tokens to us on Crypterium Telegram Chat.

Once you store your cryptocurrencies in Crypterium App, you’ll be able to check the real-time value of your crypto assets in US Dollars, Euro or British Pounds.

What’s the difference between Transaction and Savings Accounts?

Crypterium allows you to open transaction accounts and savings accounts depending on the purpose of money stored.

Transactions Accounts are designed to store the money that you are going to actively use for your everyday purchases. The private keys to those accounts are going to be stored with Crypterium. It allows us to significantly lower fees for the transactions. Savings accounts are made for you to store the money that you’re not planning to spend in the nearest future. The private keys to those accounts will be transferred to the user.

Keep in mind that our application’s security is very strong: it will meet all the most modern security requirements for mobile banks. Private keys are not stored within the app, so it is impossible to get access to them by just hacking the phone. Databases are backed up on a regular basis.

CRPT Token

What are CRPT tokens?

CRPT tokens are issued by Crypterium and used as “fuel” for performing transactions with Crypterium app. You can compare it to “gas” powering the transactions on Ethereum.

Everytime someone makes a payment using Crypterium app, a fee equal to 0.5% of the value of the transaction in CRPT is taken from user’s account and burned as fuel. The “burning process” is regulated by the smart-contract, and conducted at the current exchange rate. This means the number of CRPT tokens will be reducing over time.

What is the total supply?

During the token sale Crypterium issued 99,983,677 tokens before reaching the hardcap designated in the White Paper. As specified, 70% of this amount went to those who bought tokens during the ICO, and the other 30% were reserved for the project’s needs. No more tokens will ever be added.

CRPT tokens belonging to the team members are locked for a 10 months period since the end of the token sale.

Can all the tokens be burned?

No, that is practically impossible. Increasing demand for tokens will increase the price of the tokens thereby reducing the amount that are going to be burned for each transaction. Practically this will mean that we will not run out of tokens, just burn a decreasing amount of the issuance over time.

Here’s an example: if you pay for a $100 purchase with Crypterium app, when CRPT is worth $0.5, you’d burn 1 token. But if the CRPT price increases, for example to $2, you’d only need to burn 0.25 CRPT for the same transaction. Simply put, the token-burning rate will be constantly decreasing. Think of it as an asymptote graph. Moreover, CRPT token is not an integer with 18 digits after the decimal point.

Where can I buy CRPT?

CRPT is now trading on HitBTC, one of the Top-10 cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume. We are in contact with several major exchanges.

Crypterium is also in talks with two other Top-10 exchanges to list CRPT. Follow Crypterium on social media to be the first one to learn the news.


How to buy/sell CRPT on exchanges?

CRPT tokens are now traded on HitBTC. Here’s a step by step guide on how to create an account.

Before you can buy CRPT, you should transfer either BTC or USDT to your HitBTC account. On the main bar, click the green “+Deposit” button to start the transfer.

Finding CRPT on HitBTC is simple. Within the “Instruments” panel, in the search box, simply type CRPT under the BTC tab or the USDT tab. You can also follow those link to go directly to CRPT/BTC and CRPT/USDT pairs.

Once you’ve done that, you can start trading. You have tab options to buy/sell at “Market” or to Buy/Sell at a “Limit”. The “Market” tab will allow you to buy and sell CRPT at current market prices and is the easiest to use option. Type in the amount you wish to purchase and the totals will automatically calculate. On HitBTC orders must be done in increments of 100, with 100 being the lowest buying or selling amount.

Buying or selling CRPT at a “Limit” allows the user to name their own price. Use the “Limit” option with caution, as people have made mistakes while using this option and mistakenly selling any token too low can happen.

How can I withdraw my CRPT tokens to my app?

To withdraw your funds to your wallet, simply click on the sending icon in the “Withdraw” column, from your account screen.

Buying or selling CRPT at a “Limit” allows the user to name their own price. Use the “Limit” option with caution, as people have made mistakes while using this option and mistakenly selling any token too low can happen. Here, you will have the option to withdraw your purchased tokens from HitBTC, to your chosen private wallet.

Add the amount you wish to send in the “Amount” text box and the wallet address you wish to send the tokens to in the “Address” text box and click the blue “Withdraw” icon. Confirm your withdraw to begin the withdraw process. HitBTC’s fees will be displayed and will apply for withdraw. Keep in mind, Crypterium does NOT control or influence HitBTC’s fees in any manner, nor do they retain the ability to. Use all exchanges at your own risk.

How to buy Bitcoin and transfer it to HitBTC?

There are several common ways to buy bitcoins.

1. With credit cards

It’s an easy, yet expensive way to buy a small amount of cryptocurrency - the commission can be from 4% to 25%. At the same time, most services limit the volume of the transaction to $200 - $5,000 per card within 24 hours.

There are 2 categories of services:

  • Services that allow you to make an instant purchase and do not require mandatory identification to comply with the KYC policy. Only in some cases you will be required confirmation, in the form of a passport photo or a photo of a driver's license. Examples: Indacoin, ShapeShift, Changelly.
  • Services requiring KYC procedures with a lower commission and more favorable exchange rate. Examples: Coinbase, Coinmama,

2. P2P services

These services allow you to buy crypto-currencies directly from other people. The key advantage of this method is that it is possible to make a transaction using a variety of local types of payments in every country, including cash, transfers within local banks, mobile payments and even PayPal. The service ensures the security of the transaction, minimizing the risks of fraud. Also pay attention to these services, if you need to sell the cryptocurrency and quickly get fiat money. A small disadvantage of this method is that the transactions are not fully automated and you will have to discuss the details of the transaction with the seller in the chat.

Examples: LocalBitcoins, BitQuick, WallOfCoins.

3. Cryptocurrency exchanges

This is the most cost-efficient way of buying a cryptocurrency, though it may take some time to learn how to trade.

Crypto exchanges enable you to add funds to your account easily in various ways, including international wire transfers from your bank account. Most of the exchanges require you to verify your identity before depositing funds. Another important note is that not all crypto exchanges accept fiat money, some only allow you to deposit coins (most commonly Bitcoin) to purchase other alternative coins.

You can find the list of the exchanges with the highest trading volume on Coinmarketcap, and here are some reliable exchanges that accept fiat: BitFinex, GDax, Bitstamp, Kraken.

Each exchange has a detailed instruction on how to create an account and perform transactions.

Monthly Loyalty Program

What is the Crypterium Monthly Loyalty Program?

Monthly Loyalty Program is designed to stimulate Crypterium app users to make more transactions and encourage the most active users. To form the MLP Fund, we will send up to 30% of Crypterium’s transactional income to a special MLP account. Once a month we’ll distribute the accumulated amount in CRPT among app users.

TIt’s important to note that loyalty rewards are made in CRPT tokens which are purchased by Crypterium from public and private exchanges, based on the current exchange rate.

What are the requirements and rewards?

User’s ultimate cashback is determined by two factors:

• The loyalty group that user belongs to. There are four loyalty groups depending on the amount of CRPT on the app wallet:

1. Bronze Group – no tokens available,
2. Silver Group – under 8 000 available
3. Gold Group – under 25 000 available
4. Platinum Group – over 25 000 available

• The amount of transactions made with the Crypterium app. User’s cashback is proportional to the amount of transactions made within your loyalty group. If no transactions were made for the MLP monthly timeframe, there’ll be no cashback.

Can you explain by example how the MLP works?

Let’s assume the total income of Crypterium for the month is $5 million. Of that sum, $1.5 million is used to buy tokens and fill up the MLP fund. Half of that money - $750k - will be distributed among the owners of our Platinum card.

Let's say there are 1,000 Platinum card owners, and during the given month they’ve made transactions for $10 million in total. A token holder who has made transactions for $10,000 (which is 0.1% of the total volume), receives 0.1% of the $750k, or $750 dollars. We believe it’s a good incentive to use our app actively.

It’s important to note that loyalty rewards are made in CRPT tokens which are purchased by Crypterium from public and private exchanges, based on the current exchange rate.


How to avoid scams

If you are our Telegram Chat user, you know there are some scammers claiming to be our support staff members in order to try and steal your money.

To avoid getting scammed, remember those simple rules:

  • • None of the employees will ever ask you for money. You should not transfer any amount of money to them
  • • Our support team cannot give you any discounts on CRPT tokens
  • • All the marketing activities are officially announced on our website and social channels
  • • If you are not sure if you are talking to a scammer or an actual support team member, just email us at
Where are the public keys stored?

Our application’s security features are strong, fulfilling the most modern security requirements for mobile banks. Private keys are not stored within the app, so it is impossible to get access to them by just hacking the phone. Databases are backed up on a regular basis, but users should still be careful with their sensitive information. We will do our best to educate users on the latest security measures.

Does the App require KYC?

Yes, there is a minimal identification procedure present in the Crypterium App (KYC0, which is first and last name, date of birth, gender and citizenship).

There will be a standardised KYC process in the Crypterium App which will conform to the international standards on KYC and AML.

The KYC procedure may vary by locale of the customer based on local regulations and legal requirements, we will always meet the standards required assuring you that the app will always be able to legally function.