why should you get crpt?

burn crpt, control over price

Burning CRPT effectively removes tokens from the current supply, increasing its relative scarcity. Reducing the token supply drives CRPT price higher

monthly loyalty program

Join our MLP program and earn on all Crypterium’s transactions. Get CRPT tokens in your Crypterium Wallet and get monthly reward from our MLP fund

deposit crpt & earn up to 21% annually

Keep your CRPT tokens on your saving account and earn CRPT. A low-risk strategy that helps to boost your interest earnings

deposit crpt & earn up to 21% annually
we love it, yet we burn it

All crypto-fiat transactions in Crypterium are fueled by CRPT tokens. Every time someone makes a payment, a fee equal to 0.5% of the value of the trade in CRPT is taken from the user’s account and burned. This means the number of CRPT tokens will be reducing over time

Total crpt burned
transaction fuel
Total crpt burned
transaction fuel
burning chart
Diego Tores

Diego Tores


total mlp
+ 318
transactions made
total crpt
6 482
mlp percent
monthly loyalty program

monthly loyalty program

your loyalty pays off

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  • Load your Crypto Card Load your Crypto Card
  • Cashout Cashout
  • Deposit to Saving Account Deposit to Saving Account
  • Top up mobile phone Top up mobile phone
mlp fund
  • 50%Platinum
  • 35%Gold
  • 10%Silver
  • 5%Bronze
  • crpt story
    • Start of sales
    • Smart contract deployment in Ethereum blockchain
    • Start of delivery to buyers
    • Termination of sales and final disconnection of mint
    • Start of used token burning by Crypterium's business logic
    • First official exchange listing
    • Launch of token usage in Crypterium product
    • Completion of dispatching to ICO participants. Token buyers presented their ETH addresses to receive the acquired CRPTs within one yyear after completion of sales
    • Implementation of multichain functionality through controlled supplementation of the token's main blockchain with other blockchains preserving the volume of tokens
    • Partnerships and integrations with other projects
    • Selection and setup of a quicker and cheaper blockchain as the main one for further development of the CRPT infrastructure while retaining the token capabilities
    • Own development or a suitable market solution

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