get, earn, pay

Do business, we will take care of the payments

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get, earn, pay

why crypterium?

Crypterium crypto wallet is a all-in-one payment solution for your business

receive<br/>paymentsCOMING SOON


Receive payments in crypto from clients of your business

earn extra<br/>incomeCOMING SOON

earn extra

Make your money work for you. Fixed earn rates from 8% per year

easily pay<br/>the individualsCOMING SOON

easily pay
the individuals

Pay out crypto to clients of your business

make crypto
work for you

Open a high-yield savings account for your business and get fixed 8% APR on your digital assets. Grow company’s funds faster with business deposits.

make cryptocurrency work for you
  • EU entity & licenseEU entity & license
  • insured by BitGoinsured by BitGo

Choose currency


Enter amount


Choose period in months

Expected profit
  • + 4 000.00
  • + 8%
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сalculate your

The calculator represents compounding interest earned in-kind and the calculated value consists of both the principal amount and earned interest. Grow your funds faster than standard accounts

get, earn, pay

online payment processing

online payment

receive crypto payments from individuals


receive crypto payments from individuals

Enjoy the easiest way to accept payments from clients. Take advantage of the unlimited opportunities offered by this new crypto era.

advanced solution for b2c payments


advanced solution for b2c payments

Use cryptocurrency to transfer money from legal entities to individuals. Instant and cutting-edge solution for your business.

end and receive payments around the world, instantly

end and receive payments around the world, instantly

Your company only needs a Crypterium business account to start sending and accepting international payments in crypto. Stay ahead of all competitors.

like no other bank account

  • Crypterium
  • Traditional banks
yesnopeCustomer-centric approach, built by business owners
yesyesDigital-first, available 24/7 on mobile or desktop
yesnopeTransparent pricing, upgrade as you grow
yesyesFast and friendly support via phone and e-mail
yesnopeCustomer-driven public roadmap
yesnopeBuilt based on your feedback
yesnopeSlack community
yesyesDeposit guarantee scheme up to $100,000
  • Crypterium
  • Traditional banks
Customer-centric approach, built by business ownersyesnope
Digital-first, available 24/7 on mobile or desktopyesyes
Transparent pricing, upgrade as you growyesnope
Fast and friendly support via phone and e-mailyesyes
Customer-driven public roadmapyesnope
Built based on your feedbackyesnope
Slack communityyesnope
Deposit guarantee scheme up to $100,000yesyes