Crypterium believes that cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the world. They can change the entire distribution of wealth, and give the two billion unbanked people access to the same type of financial services that everybody else has. We are building products to enable people to do things that today are just impossible.


Our management team is made up of C-suite executives with worldwide experience in some of the most innovative FinTech companies. The Crypterium leadership has spent the best part of 10 years developing digital payment and banking solutions.


Marc O’Brien
Former CEO of Visa UK, key advisor of Revolut and one of the United Kingdom's leading payment services experts with over 25 years of experience in Financial Services, FinTech and RegTech.
Austin Kimm
Experienced results proven financial services CEO. Built companies with a current valuation in excess $500 million.
James Davies
Long term financial technology and derivatives markets expert. Former COO of London Derivatives Exchange.
Vladimir Gorbunov
Fintech entrepreneur with dozen of successful ventures with a particular focus on simplifying real-world issues through technology.
Gleb Markov
Fintech, banking and cryptocurrency professional with over 10 years industry experience.
Steven Polyak
Experienced investment banker with a focus of interest on capital markets in the USA and Russia.
Hosni Emam
Seasoned CEO with a proven track record in establishing payment solutions for Union Pay, Alipay and WeChat across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
Pavel Ivanov
Pavel Ivanov
Executive technology leader with over 15 years of experience in building large-scale processing centers and developing software for high-loaded platforms.
George Ermakov
George Ermakov
Head of R&D
Fintech professional with extensive experience in leading financial institutions and payment providers. LSE alumni.
Siranush Sharoyan
Head of Marketing
Seasoned marketing manager. Former reporter at RBC Media Group. Published in WSJ & Forbes
Ruff Rubaker
Head of Design
Experienced professional in UX/UI design, corporate and product branding.